Dajiao Bay

Reputed as “Eastern Hawaii”, Dajiao Bay is a popular scenic spot in Hailing Island, which is situated to the southwest of Yangjiang, Guangdong Province. Hailing Island is so beautiful that Chinese National Geography regarded it as one of the Top Ten Beautiful Islands in China for three years in a row. Among attractions in Hailing Island, Dajiao Bay is believed to be the most popular one. The bay measures 2,700 yards (about 2.5km) long and 65 yards (about 60m) wide, characterized by sunshine, beach and surfing. From a bird’s view, the bay looks like a huge ox horn, that’s why it is called Dajiao, which literally means big horn.

Dajiao Mountain and Wangliao Mountain flank the bay, resembling two arms embracing it. The beach is warm and comfortable, and hills are graceful and misty, each enhancing the other. Located in subtropical zone, backed by hills and facing to the South Sea, the island enjoys longtime sunshine, agreeable weather, and gentle sea breeze. These, combined with azure waters and fine sand, making it the best place to take sunbath, seawater bath, and sand bath. Meanwhile, it is relaxing to bicycle along roads near the beach with family and friends.

There are basically three main areas. The eastern area functions as a sports zone with kinds of sport equipments, and it is the training base for beach volleyball teams. Important games have been hosted here. The western is the leisure zone with gardens where visitors can relax. The middle area serves as public bathing place where you can get tanned. Dajiao Bay is also the main part of Hailing Island Marine Amusement Park which stretches from Tiemao Mountain in Beiluo Bay Scenic Area to the Maritime Silk Road Museum. Dajiao Bay encompasses of stage performances, diving, bathing, and amusement facilities such as powered paragliders, dune buggies, motorboat, water slideway, and waterpower leisure pool.


Most cities in Guangdong Province, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Foshan, Dongguan, and Maoming, have buses to Yangjiang. From Yangjiang Coach Station, there are buses to Zhapo departing every 20 minutes from 6:30 to 21:30, and a single trip takes about one hour. After arriving Zhapo Bus Station, walk 10 minutes southwest to the Dajiao Bay.

Note: From Guangzhou, the Provincial Coach Station, Jiaokou Passenger Station, Fangcun Passenger Station, and South Passenger Station have direct buses to Zhapo. A single trip takes about three hours.
Admission Fees April 26 to Oct.31: CNY40 (Two-day ticket: CNY50)
Nov.1 to April 25: CNY20
The fee of Marine Amusement Park is also included.
Children of 3.9 - 4.6 feet (1.2 - 1.4m) enjoy half price and those below 3.9 feet can enter for free.
Opening Hours 6:30-19:30. When scenic spot is closed, you can go for a walk along the beach in the evening.

Nearby Attractions

Mawei Island
Walking westwards for 20 minutes from Dajiao Bay, you will reach Mawei Island, which lies at the west point of Hailing Island and is surrounded by seas on three sides. It is the best place for people, especially young couples, to experience the beauty of sunset. Rosy clouds float aside and seawater stretches far near the horizon, reflecting colors of the sky. What magnificent scenery! Due to thousand years of washing and eroding, bizarre riprap and marine abrasion are formed, impressing people with powerful natural force.

Shili Silver Beach
Shili Silver Beach, located to the east of Dajiao Bay, is the largest beach on Hailing Island with a length of 4.6 miles (about 7.4km). It is the home to Song City, the biggest imitated Song-Dynasty-style architecture complex in China. The Maritime Silk Road Museum on the west of beach is the first undersea-archaeology museum whose theme is exploration, protection, display, and research of an ancient commercial ship named “Nanhai 1”. Spend CNY80 and you will see relics such as pottery, porcelain, and bronze vessels discovered in the Nanhai 1 Ship that sank over 800 years ago.

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