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Oracle Lake Lhamo Latso

Route: 8 days tour of Lhasa - Tsedang - Sangri - Woka - Dabo - Nayu valley - Dagu valley - Lhamo Latso Lake - Cuijiu - Gyatsa - Tsedang

Overview: The radiant oracle lake of Lhamo Latso is the foremost 'vision' lake in Tibet and sitting Dalai Lamas were obligated to come here at least once in their lifetimes. This pilgrimage to Lhamo Latso is richly varied and has much to offer: high snow mountains, a magnificent monastery, seldom visited cave hermitages, nomads and their black-tent culture, besides the high point a sacred 'oracle lake'. As less people inhabits along the trekking route, and also the language barrier, you are suggested to take a tent with you or purchase one upon arrival in Sangri.
On the first day, you are suggested to take a coach from the West suburban station to Tsedang. There are many coaches to Tsedang every day and the fare is ?30.00 to ?40.00. The morning coach departs at 8:00 and it takes about 7 hours to Tsedang. Upon arrival, you might contact with the driver in the coach station and rent a bus to send you to Sangri.
Lake Lhamo Latso, Tibet
On the second day, in the morning drive about 40 kilometers to Sangri via Tsedang Bridge. Upon arrival, you might visit the remains of the Densatil Monastery located on the Phagdru Mountain. After lunch at Sangri, charter another jeep to take you downhill to Woka Waterpower Station (shooting forbidden.) And then drive uphill for about 20 kilometers and reach Woka village (3800 m), where you might take a hot spring bath. You might make some preparation and find a local guide for the next 5 days trekking. Sleep in your tent is a good choice.
On the third day, you will start trekking from Woka to Dabo, approximately 26 kilometers for 7-9 hours. The altitude is ranging from 3800 kilometers to 3900 kilometers. Hike on the winding mountain path, through small valleys. After Qulong Temple, hike about 30 minutes, reach Qulong village and visit Qusang Temple, where Tsongkhapa once stayed to spreading Buddhist teachings of Gelug Sect. Along this route, you will see the ecological scenery of the Yarlung Tsangpo River. You might lodge in a local residence, but due to the language barrier, staying in your own tent is much leisurable.
Walk for 8 to 10 hours to cover 28 kilometers on the fourth day. Get up in the early morning to watch the sunrise appearing from the summit of the 5400m-Gyeluo La Snow Mountain. Afterward, begin trekking along the chattering brook. Clumps of azalea tree grow everywhere. So quiet the world that you feel just out of the world. As the gradual raising altitude, you might have adjusted yourself arrival in the Nayu Valley (4100m). Stroll around and visit the Nieka Waterfall, located in the rupture part of the Yarlung Tsangpo River. Stay overnight in a local villager's shabby room or in your own tent.
Tibet people
On the fifth day, another arduous trekking day will cover 23 kilometers for 7 to 9 hours. Start trekking from Nieka Village, uphill first and then downhill along the mountain ridge. The slope is somewhat gentle all the way. Set up camp near the village in the lower reaches of the Dagu valley. The billowy water in the Yarlung Tsangpo River will accompany with you all the way along. Stay overnight in tent.
On the sixth day, trek downhill and reach the Lhamo Latso Lake (4900 m) along the valley. Surrounded by high mountains, the hoof-shaped lake covers an area of about 2 square kilometers. Having so great a faith in its magic predicting capability, the Tibetan eminent monks would go to the lake for observing and finding omens for the recognition of every reincarnated holy boy of the Dalai Lamas and Panchen Lamas of all generations. Numerous believers regard it as the treasure mirror, which is able to reveal their fates. Stay overnight in your own tent.
On the seventh day, leave for Lhamo Latso Lake and trek downhill about 24 kilometers to Cuijiu (4300 m) for 8 hours pass by Chokorgye Temple. As long as you reach Cuijiu, the pilgrimage Lhamo Latso lake trekking tour ends here. Stay overnight in tent.
On the eighth day, you are suggested to rent a jeep or truck from the Cuijiu Village to Gyatsa. Upon arrival, take a bus to Tsedang or Lhasa to board a flight.
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