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Beijing Roast Duck has the reputation of being the most delicious food of Beijing cuisine. Some find it a bit greasy, but others get hooked after one taste. In any case, it is a must trying dish on any Beijing tour itinerary. In Beijing, the place that offers the best taste duck is the time-honored Quanjude Restaurant, which was established 130 years ago. Related Intro: Beijing Roast Duck

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  • The well-roasted Beijing duck looks shining with oil in a brilliantly dark red. Few people could resist its tempting flavor of tender meat and crisp skin.
  • A chef is slicing the roasted duck skillfully in front of the diners. Firstly, a plate of crispy skin is served with sugar and garlic sauce. And then the aromatic tender meat with thin pancakes is prepared. Finally, a salubrious soup made of the remaining meat and bones is offered.
  • Besides of enjoying the delicious Beijing roast duck, the chef' excellent skill of cutting a duck into small slices within several minutes interests every gourmet.
  • A well-roasted Beijing duck could be cut into 80-100 slices by a skillful chef.
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