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This boundless Sangke Grassland can take you away from the earthly triviality of modern city life.

This Grassland lies about ten kilometers (6.2 miles) west of Xiahe County, Gansu Province. It enjoys a good reputation in the northwest Tibetan district for its excellent pasture and frequent magnificent Buddhist ceremonies. The prairie is named for the summer-blooming sangke flowers that form a natural carpet extending to the far horizon.

Attraction Intro: Sangke Grassland
  • This boundless Sangke Grassland can take you away from the earthly triviality of modern city life.
  • A local woman rides on horse on the Sangke Grassland. Oh, unknown heroine, turn back and let us see your face!
  • Is this an unplanned exploitation of the Sangke Prairie? Where is the truck heading for? These questions make us rather worried.
  • The flowers blossom so brightly. Even a heavy heart wants to sing and laugh in the beautiful and vigorous Sangke Grassland.
  • The vast prairie is dotted with herds of cows and sheeps.
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Questions & Answers on Sangke Grassland Pictures
Asked by mk from SINGAPORE | Jan. 10, 2017 23:49Reply
Xi'an to Sangke Grassland
We will be travelling from Xi'an in 25 March. May I know how to go to the Grassland from Xi'an airport? What is the temperature there? Is is good time to visit the Grassland in the end of March?
Thank you
Answers (2)
Answered by Ava from USA | Jan. 11, 2017 19:05

You may fly to Xiahe from Xi'an Airport (about 75 minutes). Upon arrival, take a taxi to the grassland for about CNY 100. It will be cloudy, and rain or snow sometimes. The temperature may range from 20F to 60F. It is cold. To be honest, it is not an ideal time to pay a visit. The best time is in July and August. If possible, you may postpone your trip a little bit. ;)
Answered by mk from SINGAPORE | Jan. 12, 2017 05:03

Thank you Ava!
Asked by Ms.Janet Roberts from CHINA | Apr. 15, 2011 06:35Reply
What is the temperature now, or for the weekend of April 23-24? How Cold? At 10,000 ft, it must be relatively cold, as compared to the desert of the Gansu corridor ! Please advise, as I am going from the desert to the a short period.

Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Jack | Apr. 15, 2011 21:12

The temperature now in Sanke Prairie is -1-13C, and will rise 1-2C at the end of April. Your are right that the temperature in Gansu Corrifor is much higher at 6-23C now.
Asked by Mr.Marcel | Mar. 10, 2011 03:21Reply
Is there any flight from lanzhou or lanjou to kashgar?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Percy | Mar. 10, 2011 22:09

No direct flights are available from Lanzhou to kashgar. So, you need to take flight to Urumqi first and then take flight to Kashgar from Urumqi.
Asked by Ms.elea from CHINA | Aug. 28, 2009 04:08Reply
how about the weather there in sep, i will go there this sep
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Sandy | Aug. 30, 2009 22:54

It is getting cool and may rainy at this month. If you will visited highland area, it is cooler. Take warm clothes. If you come in early September, the weather is find at daytime, around 25C. It will 10C lower at night.
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