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Pictures of Ocean Park & Disneyland

Lovely dolphins are true stars in the Ocean Park.

Ocean Park, lying between Aberdeen and Repulse Bay, is the largest leisure paradise in Southeast Asia and one of the largest marine parks in the world. Covering over 200 acres, the park was built on both sides of the mountain. A cable car system links the lowland and headland sections and provides spectacular views of Hong Kong. Attraction Intro: Ocean Park & Disneyland
  • Lovely dolphins are true stars in the Ocean Park.
  • The seals are so cute. Guess this picture will be a lasting memory for many visitors.
  • The lovely dolphin is having a secret conversation with its trainer.
  • Dolphin Show of Hong Kong Ocean Park
  • The seals show their stunt
  • The seals and sea lions are enjoying the warm sunshine in the Ocean Park.
  • How exciting it is! The beautiful scenery flashes before your eyes while you ride in this iron dragon.
  • This huge iron dragon attracts all those adventurers to the Ocean Park, Hong Kong.
  • The tourists can take the cable car to enjoy the landscape of the Ocean Park.
  • Look at this creature! In the Ocean Park, you will see many kinds of sea creatures like this.
  • A band is giving live music performance to the visitors in the Ocean Theater of the Ocean Park.
  • This is the famous Ocean Park, a tourist attraction that you should not miss when traveling in Hong Kong.
  • Tourists are queuing for buying the tickets at the ticket office of the Disneyland in Hong Kong.
  • The Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in the Disneyland, Hong Kong, welcome the visitors all over the world.
  • Entering this splendid castle, you will start a thrilling journey in the Disneyland.
  • Hundreds of tourists enjoy the live-entertainment show in the Disneyland.
  • The visitors keep taking photos to record this fascinating show.
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