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Anyone can sell in the market.

Xinjiang is one of the main minority nationality areas in China where 47 ethnic groups living. They are mainly the Uygur, Han, Kazak, Hui, Khalkha, Mongolian, Tajik, Kirgiz, Xibe, Manchu, Uzbek, Daur, Tatar and Russian. For thousands of years, the minority people are influenced by different religious cultures during the process of development, as a result, they form their particular custom and ethnic culture.
  • Anyone can sell in the market.
  • Fruits play an important role in Uigur''s daily life.<br />
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Asked by Ms.Ho from SINGAPORE | May. 04, 2010 06:39Reply
Planning to Urumqi in early Nov 2010 have tour to Urumqi travel by 4WD specialise in scenery for photographers, but try to email them no response can anyone help or can recommend any other hiking and camp tour for first timer.
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Answered by Ms.Ella | May. 12, 2010 19:40

Hi there,
For some tours in Urumqi, you can look at this page:
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