Pictures of Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves

There are seventy-seven numbered grottoes, about forty of which still have murals in them.

The Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves lies 45 kilometers (28 miles) east of Turpan. It was regarded as the most valuable one among the local found Buddhist caves. Built during the Northern and Southern Dynasties, it was once the Buddhist center of Gaochang. There are now 57 caves and the murals have an area over 1, 200 square meters (12,917 square feet).

Attraction Intro: Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves
  • There are seventy-seven numbered grottoes, about forty of which still have murals in them.
  • At one time the caves contained beautifully colored Buddhist murals.
  • Bizaklik has the most grottoes, most diversified architectural styles and the richest mural content in the Turpan area.
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Asked by Mr.Wong from MALAYSIA | Aug. 21, 2009 08:22Reply
Hi, to prpeare for my travel to Urumqi in middle September 2009, would appreciate advice on the weather, wind, rain fall and type of clothing suitable during this period. My travel destinations includes Turpan, Dunhuang and then to Xi'an, all by road.

Thank you
Answers (2)
Answered by Mr.Zhang from CHINA | Aug. 22, 2009 10:24

The Urumqi day and nights temperature difference is quite big, summer generally between 14 degrees to 30 degrees.The air is quite dry.
Answered by Ms.nancy from USA | Aug. 23, 2009 13:15

Best time in urumqi is Augest. Winter there is very very bad(air).
Asked by Mr.Aizawa from U.S. | Jul. 14, 2009 19:04Reply
How many flights are there weekly between Xinjiang. Aksu, and Kashgar?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Sam | Jul. 14, 2009 20:46

Hello Sir, you could search the result by yourself at
Asked by Mr.ilija from MACEDONIA | Jun. 19, 2009 02:06Reply
Can I travel from Urumqi to Russia by train or bus? Thanks!
Answers (2)
Answered by Ms.Evelyn from CHINA | Jun. 19, 2009 03:58

As far as I know, there are no cross-border trains from Urumqi to Moscow in Russia. But you can go to Beijing to take Train K19 or K03. The trip is very long. It takes about one week to get to Moscow.
Answered by Mr.Talbut from ENGLAND | Jun. 24, 2009 10:52

I am planning to do this journey in August. There is a train from Urumqi to Almaty and trains from Almaty to Moscow. However, different people are giving different details, in particular the train number, for the train to Almaty. If anyone knows the defininte details for this train (leaving on 1st August from Urumqi) that would help me.
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