Silk Carpet

Silk Carpet

The world's finest carpets are made entirely of pure silk. These highly valuable creations are visually stunning and exquisite to the touch. Silk, unlike wool or cotton is lightweight yet infinitely durable when afforded proper maintenance and care. A silk carpet is not only a treasure for a lifetime but can become a treasured heirloom. Whether you choose a carpet as a floor covering or as a unique and decorative wall hanging it is guaranteed to give good service and to be a joy to all who see it.

The range of carpets we offer are of mainly Persian and Chinese designs, with both the warp and the knots consisting of pure silk. Each carpet is hand woven in time honored traditional ways, while the finest natural and synthetic dyes are used to ensure the carpets retain their remarkable designs to best effect for very many years to come. All the carpets we offer are of the very highest quality but the finer and more intricate the design, then the greater the number of lines of knots to the inch. Our carpets vary from 200 to 600 lines.

Now join us on a wonderful trip through the magnificent range we have to show you.

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At first glance, it is not surprising that you will wonder how so many lifelike horses can be so vividly woven. This is an example of just one of the products on show in our gallery, in which only hand woven silk carpets are featured. So you may fully appreciate the advantage of a silk carpet over those made from other fibers we have provided information about these alternatives.

By looking through this section, you will learn more about Chinese carpets which have one of the longest traditions in the world. You will also become acquainted with a number of terms used to describe carpets and the methods by which they are created, including layout and style. Once you have had the opportunity to discover more about these silk masterpieces, you may be more than a little eager to have one of your own. Our Guide to Purchasing will enable you to see how easy it is to place an order with absolute confidence.

We also have provided helpful hints and advice regarding the care and maintenance of a carpet.

The description of Carpet Weaving will explain in more detail why these traditionally made silk carpets are of such great value. We hope that we can persuade you to make a purchase and so become the proud possessor of a real treasure.

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