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[Xi'an] Shaanxi Grand Opera House: Tang Dynasty Show Booking
From CNY198/US$32 per person
  • Enjoy the highly-praised original song and dance of great Tang Dynasty.
  • Learn the ancient customs and royal court life in Tang Dynasty.
  • Have delicious snacks, dumplings banquet or royal banquet if you pay for it.
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Price Categories (Chinese Yuan):
  • Show + Dumpling Banquet [Adult]
  • Show + Dumpling Banquet [Child]
Important Notice
1. Free for kids under 100cm.
2. Children under 120cm enjoy discount price.
How to Book and Use
After the ticket is issued, we will send you a booking confirmation, the ticket can be collected at the reception by showing your reservation name.
Dinner and Show Time
Dinner Time: 18:30-19:50
Show Time: 20:00-21:10
Change & Cancellation:
1. Free Change & Cancellation if sending the request by email 24 hours before the designated date.
2. The ticket is non-refundable for booking made within 24 hours.
3. After the ticket is issued, the service fee is non-refundable.
What to Expect

In Xi'an, the Tang-style song and dance performance of Shaanxi Grand Opera House should not be missed. The performance is arranged carefully by history experts, scholars and artists, maintaining the original songs and dances in great Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 AD) and reproducing customs and stories at that glorious time.

Huaqing Palace

Book a ticket and you can enjoy the magnificent program Huaqing Palace, which shows the occasion of the couple Emperor Li Longji and Yang Yuhuan watching the performance and summoning the officials. With the accompaniment of ancient instruments, it showed the glory of the Tang Dynasty.

Prestigious Battling Dance of the King of Qin

Prestigious Battling Dance of the King of Qin would attract your attention certainly. It is a large-scale performance that combines instrumental music, singing and dancing, which was created in the time when Emperor Li Shimin was on the throne, to praise his heroic spirit.

Rainbow Skirt and the Feathered Coat Dance

Rainbow Skirt and the Feathered Coat Dance is one of the most famous dances in the Tang Dynasty. According to legend, Emperor Li Longji was good at music. One day, he dreamed of visiting the Moon Palace and witnessing many fairies dressed in colorful clouds costumes dancing there. When he woke up, he wrote the music score and handed it to his lover Yang Yuhuan to rehearse the famous dance. 

White Ramie Cloth Costume Dance

White Ramie Cloth Costume Dance is a kind of folk dance originated from Jin Dynasty (265 - 420 AD) and became popular in Tang Dynasty. It is also attractive. The long sleeves of the dancers are all sewed with white ramie and are swaying while dancing, like colorful clouds chasing the moon.

You can enjoy other unique programs as well. Red and White Peach Blossom, and Ta Ge Dance are showing the scenes of the ancient customs of having an outing in spring when grass has just turned green. Suona Solo 'Jujube Harvest', Drum Music 'Quarreling Ducks' and 'Tiger Grinding Teeth' are local folk music performances which have a distinctive style.

In addition, you can choose to enjoy a delicious banquet. There are the local snacks banquet, dumplings banquet and Tang-style banquet for your selection.
Additional Info
No.161, North Wenyi Road, Beilin District, Xi'an
How to get to Shaanxi Grand Opera House?
 By metro: Take metro line 2 and get off at Yongningmen Station. Get out from Exit D2 and cross the road to Renyi Road, then walk east and turn north when you get Wenyi Road, Shaanxi Grand Opera House is on the right.

 By bus: Take the bus 14, 23, 40, 208, 216, 221, 222, 258, 309, 402, 512, 800, 910 and get off at Wenchangmen Station. Walk southward and Shaanxi Grand Opera House is on your left.

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