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Chinese Zodiac - Year of the Monkey
China Zodiac Animal - Monkey

Chinese: 猴 hóu
Years of the Monkey: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028
Monkey is a clever animal. It is usually compared to a smart person. During the Spring and Autumn Period (770 - 476 BC), the dignified Chinese official title of marquis was pronounced 'Hou', the same as the pronunciation of ‘monkey’ in Chinese. The animal was thereby bestowed with auspicious meaning.

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Shen
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Jin (Metal)
Yin Yang: Yang

 Years of the Monkey
  • 02/20/1920-02/07/1921
  • 02/06/1932-01/25/1933
  • 01/25/1944-02/12/1945
  • 02/12/1956-01/30/1957
  • 01/30/1968-02/16/1969
  • 02/16/1980-02/04/1981
  • 02/04/1992-01/22/1993
  • 01/22/2004-02/08/2005
  • 02/08/2016-01/27/2017
  • 01/26/2028-02/12/2029

Lucky Signs for Monkey:

Lucky Numbers: 1, 7, 8
Lucky Colors: white, gold, blue
Lucky Flowers: chrysanthemum, alliums
Lucky Directions: north, northwest, west

Lucky Numbers and Colors of Monkey Lucky Flowers and Directions of Monkey
Things Should be Avoided:
  • Unlucky Numbers: 2, 5, 9
  • Unlucky Colors: red, black, grey, dark coffee
  • Unlucky Direction: east

The general images of people in this zodiac sign are always smart, clever and intelligent, especially in their career and wealth. They are lively, flexible, quick-witted and versatile. In addition, their gentleness and honesty bring them everlasting love life. Although they are born with enviable skills, they still have several shortcomings, such as impetuous temper. Besides, they tend to look down upon others.
  • Strengths
    enthusiastic, self-assured, sociable, innovative
  • Weaknesses
    jealous, suspicious, cunning, selfish, arrogant
  • Perfect Matches: Ox, Rabbit
    They seem like made for each other when they were born, having several similarities in personality and life. Both of them can tolerate everything of each other, as long as they have enough space and freedom. Their love lives are full of fun because they have strong sense of curiosity to know each other. Usually, they share common attitudes and opinions towards life.
  • Bad Matches: Tiger, Pig
    Holding different values and views, they don’t have many common topics in daily life. It’s difficult for them to communicate with patience and respect. Quarrels and conflicts will bring lots of negative influences to their relationship.
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This year, people born in the Year of the Monkey are lucky in almost every aspect of life, except health. Besides their brilliant talents and assiduous efforts, the lucky stars also promote big developments in their career. Abundant wealth will be accumulated due to their economical lifestyle. Meanwhile, they will gain sweet love relationship and stable marriage life in the whole year. However, health condition needs to be paid much attention to.
Monkey Luck in 2015
Their individual characters are different when combines Chinese zodiac signs with 12 western astrological signs, like brave Aries, steady Taurus, confident Gemini, imaginative Cancer, enthusiastic Leo, cautious Virgo, talented Libra, diligent Scorpio, honest Sagittarius, mysterious Capricorn, gentle Aquarius and generous Pisces.
  • Blood Type O: The honest and frank personality help them win high popularity among surrounding people.
  • Blood Type A: They are always full of passion towards work and study. Meanwhile, born talents also enhance their charms.
  • Blood Type B: They are good at expressing their own opinions and communicating with others but not stubborn to reject others’ suggestions.
  • Blood Type AB: Performing in front of the public is their favorite thing. They pursue benefit and efficiency but lack patience.
 Celebrities Born in the Year of the Monkey
Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Dickens, George Gordon Byron, Yao Ming, Celine Dion, Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Halle Berry, Christina Aguilera, Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor,Truman, Alice Walker, Michael Douglas, Owen Wilson, Daniel Craig, Mick Jagger, Julius Caesar, Bette Davis, Annie Oakley, Eleanor Roosevelt, Betsy Ross, Cuba Gooding Jr., Gisele Bundchen, Kim Cattrell, Nick Carter, Patricia Arquette, Alyson Stoner, Christina Ricci, Cole Sprouse, Demi Lovato, Dylan Sprouse, Miley Cyrus, Mitchell Musso, Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez, Empress Wu Zetian of China’s Tang Dynasty (618 - 907)