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Though people consider the rat not adorable, and it even makes its way into derogatory languages, it ranks first on the Chinese zodiac. It has characteristics of an animal with spirit, wit, alertness, delicacy, flexibility and vitality.

Personality: Strengths
People under this sign are usually smart and wealthy and will work for success. They are sanguine and very adaptable, being popular with others. Rat girls have a flair for cleanliness and tidiness. They are clever and adorable, personable and materialistic. They are also by nature thoughtful, sensible, judiciously and curious. 

Personality: Weaknesses
They are usually timid, lack of concentration and stability. They are in need of courage introspection, principles and responsibility. The do not look authoritatively, incapable of assuming a leading position. They stick fast and refused to be influenced. They are easily guided only by their private interests. They have natural goodness but look unpolite. They are also iobstinate and selfish. They are likely to speculate and they profess their greed as a virtue. 

China Zodiac Animal - RatHoroscope and Numerology Elements
Earthly Branch of Birth Year: zi
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): shui (water)
Yin Yang: yang
Auspicious Directions: southeast, northeast
Lucky Colors: blue, golden, green; Avoid: yellow and brown
Lucky Numbers: 2, 3; Avoid: 5, 9
Lucky Flowers: lily, African violet, lily of the valley
Zodiac Sign Compatibility - Best match: dragon, monkey, ox; Avoid: sheep, horse, rabbit

Celebrities Born in the Year of the Rat
George Washington, John F. Kennedy, Wolfgang Mozart, William Shakespeare, Charlotte Bronte, Truman Capote, Catherine I, Mata Hari, Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Avril Lavigne, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alyssa Milano, Ben Affleck, Eminem, Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson, Katherine McPhee, Kelly Osbourne, Denise Richards, Mandy Moore, Diego Armando Maradona, Zinedine.Yazid.Zidane, Du Fu (a famous Chinese poet in the Tang Dynasty 618 - 907), Zhuangzi (an influential Chinese Taoist philosopher in the Warring States Period 475 - 221 BC)

Fortune Foretelling in 2015
Things won’t go very well for rats in 2015. Good fortune in career and wealth may be limited. However, as long as they work hard, there is a chance of promotion. Investment in stock market and real estate may bring them unexpected profits. They should be very careful in handling everything in May, June, November and December. Dangerous outdoor activities and extreme sports should be avoided in case of injuries. They should also be cautious about making friends especially through the internet. It is unadvisable to go alone to meet with new friends found in this way.

Career: By working hard, they will enjoy good career prospects. Promotion is a possibility for rat people sooner or later in 2015. Meanwhile they can expect an increased workload and pressure. In daily work, it is necessary to keep a good relationship with their colleagues and leaders. Should conflicts occur with a colleague, it would be best to be tolerant.

Wealth: Rat people have good money luck in March, May and July, but it may be a little hard to earn money in February, June and December. Generally they’d better make a good plan for all income and expenses and try to lessen any unnecessary cost. Businesspeople should be alert when investing to avoid any commercial fraud. Before signing a contract, they should read the terms and conditions with great care. For those who want to start their own business, this is a good year for a wise investment, but they should listen to the suggestions and opinions of the experienced people or the elders in their family.

Relationships: Single females will meet several pursuers in 2015, but it is hard to choose the most suitable one. Males can easily find their love if participating in more social activities. Lovers should spend much time communicating to avoid breaking up. When their relationship is steady, it is time to consider marriage. Couples generally keep a stable relationship this year, but conflicts may also happen sometimes. They should be tolerant of each other. If possible, it is suggested to add some romance to their dull life. However troublesome their life is, rats will welcome good fortune in all relationships after July of 2015.

Health: They should pay attention to their physical condition this year, especially in May and September, when they should take care when crossing the street and driving so as to avoid an accident. In the first of the year, they may feel uncomfortable in the kidney and urinary system. For those who have a weak immune system, it is necessary to keep a healthy diet and do regular exercise.

Study: Most rat students can concentrate on study. As long as they study hard, they always perform well. They may feel a little nervous in exams, so it is advised to summarize experience in daily study. Boys should avoid fighting or quarreling with classmates while girls’ study may be influenced by puppy love.