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The rabbit has represented hope for a long time, by Chinese people. It is tender and lovely. The moon goddess Chang'e in Chinese legend had a rabbit as her pet, which stimulated the thought that only this creature was amiable enough to match her noble beauty. The Chinese character 'Tu' (rabbit) is part of 'Yi' (escape or leisure) indicating speed and distance. The Han people have a custom that a pregnant woman is not allowed to eat bunny for fear that the child will be born with a harelip. The newborn is given paintings of children and rabbits representing that the child will have a peaceful and happy life.

Personality: Strengths
People born under the sign of the rabbit are gentle, sensitive, compassionate, amiable, modest and merciful, and have strong memory. They like to communicate with others in a humorous manner. They cannot bear dull life, so they are good at creating romantic or interesting spice. They are soft-spoken and welcoming, being fond of peaceful love life. They hate arguing with capacity of converting an enemy into a friend. They are homebody and hospitable, and like house fitting-up.  They can work with speed and efficiency, do not insist and get angry easily. 

Personality: Weaknesses
They lack meditative abilities and often sink money into ideas that may cause failures in their career. They are amorous and not determined, soft in appearance and stubborn inside. They usually do not submit to dreary life, but create romance. They are not good at delving deeply and likely to escape the reality. They may lose good chances because of reserved characteristic traits. 

China Zodiac Animal - RabbitHoroscope and Numerology Elements
Earthly Branch of Birth Year: mao
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): mu (wood)
Yin Yang: yin
Auspicious Directions: east, southeast, south
Lucky Colors: red, pink, purple, blue; Avoid: dark brown, dark yellow, white
Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9; Avoid: 1, 7, 8
Lucky Flowers: snapdragon, flower of fragrant plantainlily, nerve plant
Zodiac Sign Compatibility - Best match: sheep, pig, dog; Avoid: rat, dragon

Celebrities Born in the Year of the Rabbit
Queen Victoria, Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, David Beckham, Tiger Woods, Whitney Houston, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, Hilary Duff, Orlando Bloom, Zac Efron, Evan Rachel Wood, Jesse McCartney, Tobey Maguire, Lisa Kudrow, Brian Littrell, Charlize Theron, Sara Gilbert, Tom Delonge, Benjamin Bratt, Mike Myers, Orson Welles, Lionel Andrés Messi, Maria Sharapova, Jet Li, Emperor Qianlong of China’s Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911)

Fortune Foretelling in 2015
The general fortune of rabbit people is good in all aspects in 2015. They are recommended to work harder so that their boss will attach importance to them. As a result, they would make great achievements to gain both in reputation and a satisfactory income. Good luck in money is expected to come in the second half of the year. Aside from the regular salary, they may gain a lot from part-time jobs. In health, they are suggested to pay attention to their physical condition, especially in January, July and August.

Career: Keeping a good relationship with colleagues and boss will earn them a promotion this year. Although some unexpected arguments may happen, they should be tolerant and things will be solved soon. Perform well in team work to achieve speedy success. For rabbits born before March 6th and after August 8th, they will gain promotion if sticking with their present job.

Wealth: They have good fortune in wealth in March, April, May, June and November. During these months, they should seize all chances to earn money. Businesspeople will make a good profit if smartly investing. In February, August and October, their financial fortune weakens, when the speculation and investment in real estate should be avoided. Part-time jobs will bring rabbits a decent income in 2015. They can also try to purchasing bonds and stock.

Relationships: Singles should join in more social activities, where they may fall in love with someone. He or she probably is the right person. If attracted to someone, it is good to admit it this year. Lovers can consider getting married. Couples and lovers both need to pay attention to their relationship with their partners, as extramarital affairs or the third party may appear. In particular, males are more likely to have an affair. The relationship with colleagues goes well in 2015 for rabbit people. This would be helpful on their way of success pursuit.

Health: Their physical condition is generally good, but chronic diseases require their attention. In February and August, they should be careful when traveling or climbing mountain in case of injuries to the feet. When feeling tired, they are suggested to have a good rest to keep fit. Besides, having light-flavor food should be kept in mind.

Study: Rabbit students can easily make progress in study in 2015. For those who usually perform well, they will get higher scores. Those who have a poor study performance will progress little by little. It is suggested that their parents don’t put any pressure on them.

Fortune Telling in 2014
Rabbit people should pay close attention to their physical condition and financial status in 2014. In their career, they should work hard and keep a low profile to avoid the tricks of mean people. They should also be very careful with their actions and words in their daily life and career to safely and smoothly get through the year.

Career: In general, the outlook for their career is mixed, with both opportunities and risks. They may feel very busy and tired in their jobs, but they can expect promotions and higher salaries. In everyday work, they shouldn’t be supercilious and should get along well with all of their colleagues and bosses to increase their likelihood of success. If they plan well, it is also a good time to consider changing jobs. If they encounter any problems at work, their families and friends are always ready to help.  

Wealth: Their expenses will increase this year, but their income won’t go up as fast. Thus they should make ends meet first and have a good plan for money management. When cooperating with others, they should think twice to avoid traps. Businesspeople are advised to conduct a market survey before making any risky investment. Generally, although their fortune in money is not perfect, they won’t encounter severe financial problems. 

Relationships: The fortune in love life for rabbit people is expected to positive. Singles have an opportunity to meet their love, especially in May and September. Lovers should consider getting married and if they do, they will enjoy a happy life in the future. There may be frequent arguments between spouses. Wives born in the year of rabbit should well control their emotions to avoid making any unwise decision. 

Health: Generally, their physical condition is good enough, and they don’t encounter any serious disease in 2014. They should avoid drinking too much in banquets. To participate in regular sports will help them with body-building. Before violent sports, warming up is very important. They should control their emotions to avoid problems in internal secretion system. If possible, they should take a trip in autumn to improve their physical and mental condition. They should be very careful to avoid sports injuries, especially in August.