Ho Chi Minh City Weather in January


Season: Dry Season

Ho Chi Minh City Weather in January generally keeps cool and dry. Its average temperature keeps between 21-32℃(70-90℉) and the humidity is relatively low, about 71%. As the total rainfall this month is only 14 mm, January is one of the months with the least rainfall. In term of weather, it is one of the best months to travel to Ho Chi Minh City.   

In January, the warm sunshine leaves no pity for visitors to explore any corner of the ancient city. And travelers are treated with wonderful tropical views and lively Lunar New Year atmosphere. However, as it is still in high season, many tourists crowd in and the traveling costs surely increase a lot and advanced reservation is very necessary.

Averages for Ho Chi Minh City Weather in January

Temperature: 27°C / 81°F
High Temperature: 32°C / 90°F
Low Temperature: 21°C / 70°F
Humidity: 71%
Rainfall: 14 mm
Rainy Days: 2 days
Sunrise: 06:11 ~ 06:17
Sunset: 17:42 ~ 17:57

What to Wear in Ho Chi Minh City in January

Ho Chi Minh City keeps a relatively mild climate and warm weather, and thus light clothing is enough for your January trip. Long-sleeve shirts, blouses, dresses and light pants are all fine. However, the mornings and evenings in January may be cooler and you’d better prepare an extra thin overcoat or a thin sweater. 
Ho Chi Minh City Clothes in January January Wear in Ho Chi Minh City

Top Things to Do in Ho Chi Minh City in January

Recommendation Rate of Travel:

As Vietnam’s grandest traditional festival Tet Festival may fall in late January, it is possible for travelers who visit during this period to witness some celebrations and locals’ preparations for the festival. The Ben Thanh Market containing 1,500 stalls is a lively place to see how the locals shop for the festival. And China Town is a perfect option to experience festive atmosphere. For first-time travelers, War Remnants Museum is a must-visit place where you can learn the important past days of the city. If you want to take in the essence of the city, walk around the Independence Palace and Central Post Office to appreciate the iconic architecture of HCMC. If you are a foodie, do not miss the chance to taste authentic street food in District 4. 


The weather in January is very dry and remember to stay hydrated. 
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