Gannan Xiahe Airport

Airport Code: GXH


It is located in Kusaitang Village, Xiahe County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province, 72 kilometers (45 miles) away from Xiahe County and 56 kilometers (35 miles) from Hezuo City.


Airline Companies

Sichuan Airlines (3U), China Eastern Airlines (MU).


Gannan Xiahe Airport Flights Schedule

To/ From Frequency (weekly) Travel Time
Xi’an Daily 1H40M
Chengdu 1 on each Tues, Thurs, Sat. 1H25M
Yinchuan 1 on each Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun. 1H10M
Tianjin 1 on each Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun. 2H
Lhasa Daily 2H


How to Travel from Gannan Xiahe Airport to Hezuo City

 1. There is no airport shuttle bus and city bus, so taxi is the only way to the downtown area, which takes about 1 hour and 5 minutes and costs CNY 65.
 2. Taxi Fare to Famous Tourists Attractions for Reference

Destinations Travel Time Ticket Fare
Labrang Monastery 1H10M About CNY 80
Sangke Glassland 30M About CNY 65

Famous Tourist Attractions in Xiahe

 1: Labrang Monastery
About 1 km (0.6 miles) west to Xiahe County, Labrang Monastery was founded in the reign of Kangxi of Qing Dynasty (1636 – 1912). Labrang means the Buddhist Palace. It is one of the six major monasteries of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism and is also known as the “Tibetan Academy of the World”. Since the famous Chinese movie "World without Thieves" was screened in 2004, the Labrang Monastery has become known to visitors as the film’s shooting place.
 2: Panda Valley Scenic Spot
Panda Valley Scenic Spot is located in Damai Township of Xiahe County. It is a comprehensive ecological tourism resort of Tibetan culture, including summer vacation, forest tourism, sports and fitness, leisure and recreation. The forest coverage rate is as high as 96%, so it is known as "Natural Oxygen Bar" and "Wonderland on Earth". Surrounded by mountains, the valley boasts abundant animals and plant resources, showing a unique charm of natural gardens.
 3: Sangke Grassland
Located in Xiahe County, Sangke Grassland is surrounded by mountains and has the Daxia River flowing slowly from south to north. Sangke Grassland has always been the natural pasture for the Tibetan people. With abundant water and grass, it is an ideal place for grassland tourism, summer resort, and experiencing Tibetan nomadic life. In Sangke Grassland Tourist Area, tourists can rent night & Tibetan clothes, taste traditional Tibetan food, snacks, and buy some national handicraft. Besides, bonfire party, national singing and dancing performance, Horse riding competition are also the main activities. Tourists can truly return to nature here.
 4: Bajiao City Site
Actually, the City Site is a hollow cross-shaped city. There are eight corners in the city, which forms an octagonal prominence, hence it is named so. The city wall is 2193 meters (2400 yards) long and 11 meters (12 yards) high. It covers an area of about 2000 hectares (4940 acres). In ancient times, this place was a military transportation center.

Best Travel Time

Summer and autumn are the best time to travel Xiahe County, because the temperature is pleasant and moderate, and flowers are in full bloom, at this time the scenery is extremely beautiful and unique.

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Questions & Answers on Gannan Xiahe Airport
Asked by Callie from AUS | Mar. 08, 2023 01:06Reply
Xiahe Airport
Hi, how do I book a ticket from Xiahe airport to Xi'an? I can't seemed to find a way to book it. Thanks.
Answers (1)
Answered by Nina | Mar. 09, 2023 18:35

You mean the flight ticket? You can book it online. There are many service providers. Just google.
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