Willow Lake Park

Lying in Kongdong District, Willow Lake Park is a famous park in Pingliang City. Covering an area of 8.8 hectares,it is a natural park known for the unique sight of having willows in the lake and having lake in the willows. Every late spring, willow catkins dance everywhere around the lake and this wonderful sight is known as "Snow Flies in the Clear Day around the Willow Lake". The western part of the willow lake measures 4.9 feet deep and the eastern part measures 6.6 to 9.8 feet deep. Nuanquan, "Warm Spring" is the source of the willow lake. The spring remains at a high temperature all year round, no matter how the weather changes.

Since ancient times, people living in Pingliang have treasured this Willow Lake very much, because Pingliang City is located in the dry gullies in the Loess Plateau. Lacking the nourishing from water and green plants, the land is threatened by droughts all the year round. Therefore, the Willow Lake becomes very precious in this dry land. It is really a pearl in the vast Loess Plateau.

The Willow Lake got its name from Yuan Dynasty and the extension of it started from Song Dynasty. In all dynasties, it was the place where officials spent summer and men of letters came to teach and read. The common people would not be allowed to enter it. After China's liberation, it was opened to the public, thus local people could have a chance to view this beautiful sight in their hometown. The rising and declining of the park reflects the ups and downs of Pingliang in history.

In the northwestern corner of the Willow Lake, there is a spring which is taken as a wonder in the park. The spring runs smoothly in the four seasons. It is warm in the winter. Due to the high quality and good medical effect, it was once circled by a local rich for his private use in Qing Dynasty. When the minister Zuo Zongtang noticed this, he angrily ordered the man to open the wall and let all the common people used the water. And from this day on, the springs began to benefit the local people in the true sense.

Strolling in the park, you feel content and happy. The charming lake is like a beautiful picture, awaiting you to explore its beauty.

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Questions & Answers on Willow Lake Park
Asked by H.G. Kho from NEDERLAND | Apr. 27, 2019 07:24Reply
Pls inform the public transportation from Pingliang to the Willow lake park?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ron from USA | Apr. 28, 2019 00:47

You can take Bus Line 12 to Gongyuan Road and then walk north about 300m to the hotel.
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