Dongguan Nightlife

In Dongguan, after a day's work, the majority of locals prefer to eat later at night in Cantonese restaurants with family or friends. Eating dim sums and chatting is the best way for locals to relax and unwind after a day at work. Therefore, nearly all Cantonese restaurants in the city opening until late at night and this makes them the best places to observe locals going about their daily lives. Also, if you have missed the famous Cantonese morning tea, it is also served at night in many of these restaurants.

If you want to soak up the atmosphere of the city completely, the best way to do this is to visit the local bars. Everyday, a large number of businessmen and immigrants from both home and abroad will assemble in the city. The ideal place for them to spend the long night in the strange city is a comfortable pub or club. Catering to clients' particular needs, a great number of pubs and clubs have opened there. In the urban area of Donggan City, the bar street located near the Cultural Square in Dongcheng District is a must if you like rich and colorful nightlife. It is also commended by visitors also for its safe environment at night.

This city is sometimes called the paradise of nightlife. This is probably because most of the towns there have their own amusement centers. For example Houjie Town attracts lots of visitors with its abundant and thriving nightlife. Humen Town which is close to Hong Kong, Chang'an Town-the No.1 industrial and commercial town of Dongguan and Zhangmutou Town also called the small Hong Kong are some of the best places for visitors to have fun.

Pubs & Clubs

BB Club
Address: located at the Dongcheng bar street
Time for service: 20:00-the next 02:00

Red Box
Address: located in the Dongguan City Stadium

Musani Pub
Address: located at the Dongcheng bar street
Time for service: 20:20-the next 02:00

Feifan Pub
Address: nearby Hotel Silverland, Guantai Avenue
Time for service: 20:00-the next 02:00

Address: 3-4/F, H section, Global Plaza, Dongcheng Avenue
Time for service: 11:00-the next 06:00


UBC Coffee
Address: New World Garden, No.30-38, Dongcheng Avenue, Ducheng District

Also-milo Coffee
Address: D Building, Lotus New Village, Changqing Road, Chang'an Town

Jinyi Coffee
Address: Qingfeng Garden, Wentang Precinct, Dongcheng District

Lvdao Coffee
Address: 1/F, South China Mall, Binjiang Road

Yes Coffee
Address: No.13, Lvyi Ju, Daohua Village, Nancheng District


Yulan Theatre
Address: Hongfu Road, Nancheng District

City Cinema
Address: located south to the Cultural Square

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