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Reputed as the hometown of delicacies in the Pearl River Delta, Foshan chefs can cook almost everything into gastronomic delicacies, whether it is meat, vegetable or fruit. Influenced by its diversity of local flavours and specialities, Foshan has created a rich variety of dishes and snacks, and has formed its own food culture through hundreds of years of development and innovation. In addition, the locals  people prefer to drink morning tea and evening tea, accompanied with some dim sum, they like to share this extremely happy time with their friends or family members. There are many teahouses and restaurants there offering morning and evening tea, and visiting the teahouses will perfectly show the local food culture.

Local Snacks

Manggong (Blind Man) Cake is one of the most famous local specialities that was initially created by a blind man one hundred and sixty years ago, hence its name. It is made of rice flour mixed with sugar, peanuts, sesame, pork, and cooking oil, tasting crisp and appetizing. The most well-known brand is made by the Foshan Heji Biscuits Industry Corporation.

Double-skin Milk (Shuang Pi Nai) is praised as the top grade dessert here. Its raw material is boiled milk with added sugar and fresh albumen. After cooking, it becomes a bowl of milk with two layers of milk icing respectively on the top and the bottom of the container. And the most famous Double-skin Milk is in the Empress, a food shop in Shengping Road, Shunde District.

The recommended eating places to enjoy Wonton Noodle (Yunyun Noodle) are the chain of Yingji Noodle Restaurants. It has nineteen stores in the city proper. Made of elaborately simmered soup, fresh shrimps and wheat flour with eggs, the Wonton Noodle here is spoken highly of by visitors.

Jidi Porridge (Number One Scholar's Porridge) of the Dakeyi food store has sixty years of history. Visitors can find it at No.18, Gongzheng Road, Chancheng District. Characterized by its smoothness and softness, the porridge is one of the most attractive delicacies that should not be missed.

Notable Dishes

Goose Palms with Orange Peel is made of goose palms, orange peel and some seasonings. After frying, the goose palm is stewed for five hours. It is a local noted speciality.

Sliced Frogs with Walnuts and Milt is a local dish and has a history of over one hundred years. Mixed with various ingredients, this dish is savory and fragrant and suitable for eating at anytime of year.

Dishes made with Zhuhou ketchup is another speciality. Zhuhou ketchup is made of soybeans and is regarded as the most characteristic ingredient showing the local flavor. It can be used to cook ducks, fish, and chicken.

In addition, Dried Fish of Shiwan in Nanhai District is a traditional dish of Foshan. It is made of minced dace. Stirred with eggs, starch, salt, and water, the minced dace is made into lumps and then fried. Furthermore, the Fried Milk and Daliang Pheasant Roll are also excellent local dishes .

Recommended Restaurants

Local Flavour Restaurants
Dexin Zhai Restaurant
Address: No.7, Shengping Road, Shancheng District

Wangge Yucun Restaurant
Address: Baohua Industrial Zone, Guilan Road, Guicheng Town, Nanhai District.

Xingye Yucun Restaurant
Address: C22, Southwest of Pingzhou Square, Nanhai District

Sichuan Cuisine
Xiang Guo Li La
Address: Jihua 6th Road, Chancheng District

Western Restaurants
Rhine-Pavilion Western-style food Café
Address: No.11, Fenjiang Xi Road, Chancheng District

Beverly Hills
Address: F3, Dongfang Square, Jinhua Dong Road, Chancheng District

Vegetarian Restaurants
Lvxuan Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant
Address: F1, Huaqiao Mansion, Zumiao Road, Chancheng District
Baolin Temple Vegetarian Restaurant
Address: Baolin Temple, Taiping Mountain, Shunde District

Renliang Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant
Address: No.42-44, Yifa Commercial Street, Shunde District

Fast food
Fast food is easy to find in the city, for there are a total of 16 KFCs, 1 Macdonald's and 5 Pizza Huts in the city. In addition, Foshan also has lots of Chinese fast food restaurants so visitors can readily experience Chinese fast food.

Address: No.33, Zumiao Road, Chancheng District
No.81, Yinzhou Cheng, Dongfang Square, Jinhua Road, Chancheng District
F1-2, Jiazhou Square, No.98, Guangfo 1st Road, Nanhai District
F1, No.8, Yannian Road, Shunde District

Address: F1, No.12, Jihua 5th Road, Changcheng District

Pizza Hut
Address: F1-2, No.82, Jinhua Road, Changcheng District

You Kou Fu Fast Food Restaurant
Address: No.15, Nangui Xi Road, Chancheng District

Zhou Jia Zhuang Fast Food Restaurant
Address: No. 65, Nanhai Avenue, Nanhai District

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