Yearning Tea Plantation Tourist Attraction

Yearning Tea Plantation Tourist Attraction, reputed as "Green Pearl", is a tourism resort in Meizhou, Guangdong Province, featuring large tea fields and abundant natural resources. Tourists can experience the culture and customs of the local Hakka people there. What’s more, there are 16 elegant villas in the holiday village for tourists to stay overnight.

Yearning Magic Stone

Yearning Magic Stone is the first scenic spot you will encounter after entering the tourism resort and a landmark of the tea plantation, on which are carved a few words “Yearning, Emotions in the tea”. Yearning is Hakka’s longing of the north, from which they moved. “Emotions in the tea” shows that people make friends by drinking tea together and express feelings by making tea for others.

Yearning Avenue

This is one of the main roads inside Yearning Tea Plantation Tourist Attraction. Banyan trees and flame-trees grow at two sides of the avenue. Beneath the trees there are many seasonal flowers and big or small stones. All of these have formed a scene which makes you feel like you are in the paradise.

Tourist Centre and Tea Pavilion

Walking forward along Yearning Avenue, you will reach the Tourist Centre and Tea Pavilion, a place for tourists to consult, have a rest, taste the tea for free and buy Yearning tea and Hakka specialties. Because of the pollution-free natural environment, good varieties and advanced process technology, ten different fragrant and tasty teas have been planted and processed in the plantation and they can all be bought here.

Tea Art Show

As you keep walking, Kungfu Tea Art Show will draw your attention. It consists of traditional Kungfu Tea and modern Kungfu Tea art shows. The steeping and drinking procedure has 18 steps. The first 12 steps are for the Tea Art girls to perform the steeping procedure and the last 6 steps are for you to taste, through which you can know better about the tea.

The Legendary Swordsman Waterfall

The Legendary Swordsman Waterfall is 550 feet (168 meters) long and 16 feet (4.8 meters) high, located in the east end of Yearning Avenue. The stone tablet under the falls is carved with lots of well-known mottos from different celebrities.

Ecological Valley of Longna Mountain

The ecological valley provides natural oxygen-richair and has dense primary and secondary forest. Located to the middle east of the whole scenic area, it is home to a protected plant---spinulose tree fern and protected animals of Longna Mountain.

Fairy Tea Pavilion

Fairy Tea Pavilion is also a place to offer free tea and for tourists to rest. The main construction material is bamboo which is in coordination with Longna Mountain’s natural landscape. It sits to the east of Longna Mountain Ecological Valley.

Tea Fields

In the south of the Yearning Tea Plantation Tourist Attraction, there is a vast tract of land that is planted with rows of tea trees. Looking from a distance, it looks like a giant green “jade” inlaid on the hillside; walking closer, you will be fascinated by the “green ocean” and its sweet fragrance.

Hakka Folk Houses

Located in the east of the resort, they look like big round castles protecting people living inside. Made of rammed earth and bamboo, they are called Earth Towers and can only be seen in southeast China. The Hakka like to live together. Usually, one big family occupies one earth tower.


Covering an area of 450 hectares (4.5 square kilometers), Yearning Tea Plantation Tourist Attraction is located at Yanyang Town of Meixian District in Meizhou City, and sits against Yinna Mountain.

From Meizhou, visitors can take the bus line 1 or 4 to the west gate of Jiaying University, and then change to bus line 17 to the tea plantation.
Admission Fee Adults: CNY 80
Children between 3.9 and 4.9 feet (1.2 and 1.5 meters): CNY 50
Children less than 3.9 feet (1.2 meters): Free of charge
Opening Hours 07:30-19:00

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