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Shopping Areas

Wuyi Square Shopping Circle – Central
Located at the intersection of Wuyi Lu and Huangxing Lu, it is the most important shopping area in downtown Changsha.

Wuyi Lu, a main thoroughfare in the city central area including the West, the Middle and the East sections, is a popular shopping area in the city. All sorts of department stores, malls and supermarkets, hotels, restaurants on the visitors' recommended list surround the bustling Wuyi Square. In the middle of Wuyi Lu is the Aijialing Shopping Circle, which include Friendship Store and Apollo Shopping City.

Vertically intersected with the western section of Wuyi Lu, is the north-south Huangxing Lu. The southern section of the street, known as Huangxing Nanlu Walking Street is a new shopping, leisure, dining and touring center expanded on the base of a century-old street in Changsha. It was planned to be consisted of three parts, a walking Street, indoor stores and an elaborately designed garden-like entertainment square. All kinds of theme activities of street hip-pop dances, magic, music performances and acrobatic shows will be held there in addition to hundreds of clothing stores and restaurants, which provide plenty of choices for tourists.

One block north to the Wuyi Lu, is Zhongshan Lu, which joined to the northern end of the Huangxing Lu. It is another shopping area in the city central area.

Dongtang Shopping Area–South
In the southern part of the city near Furong Nanlu, there is another shopping circle near Dongtang with a landmark shopping center called Golden Family World Classic. Clothes store buildings, friendship stores, Gome Electronic Appliances and other supermarkets dot with area.

Railway Station Area–East
The eastern area close to the Railway Station is also a bustling shopping center due to the large stream of people including the famous Apollo Shopping Square and other stores.

Stores and Shopping Centers

Friendship Store
A well-known chained department store in the city
First Branch: No. 272, Wuyi Donglu
Second Branch: No. 2, Laodong Donglu

Dongtang Department Store
Address: No. 2, Laodong Donglu, opposite the Friendship Store

Zhongshan Commerce
Address: No. 63-65 Huangxing Zhonglu

Zhongshanlu Department Store
Address: No. 56, Zhongshan Lu, opposite the Xiangjiang Hotel

Apollo Shopping Center
Address: No. 69, Shaoshan Lu, opposite the Great Wall Hotel

Children's Store
Address: south of the Wuyi Square

Woman's Store
Address: No. 346, Huangxing Nanlu

Hunan Shopping Center
Address: No. 129, Wuyi Zhonglu

Changsha Mansion
Address: No. 87, Wuyi Donglu, west of the railway station

Xiang Embroidery Shopping
Address: No. 70, Bayi Lu

What to Buy

Chrysanthemum Stone
This natural stone is amazing with its white inclusions embedded in the grey/black stone. The layers of 'petals' radiate to the outside in beautiful shapes on a stalk giving a chrysanthemum-like appearance, hence its name. Artists carve the stones into different shapes resembling flowers, birds, animals and other artistic figures. These artworks come in sizes from small objects to huge screens and are sold as decorative ornaments.

Xiang Embroidery
Xiang Embroidery in Changsha is well renowned in China. Hand embroidery craft items such as clothes, bags, wall hangings, handkerchiefs and other decorative items are popular souvenir for travelers.

Liuyang Fireworks
Fireworks originated in Chin's splendid Tang Dynasty (618 - 907) and reached the height of their popularity in the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279). During the lunar New Year, Chinese people light auspicious fireworks to drive away evil spirits and they are a popular choice to create a festive atmosphere. The fireworks produced in Liuyang are said to be the best in China for their quality and variety, and are exported to different countries around the world.

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