Qingmuchuan Ancient Town

Qingmuchan Ancient Town is the westernmost town of Shaanxi. It is 200 km (124 mi) from Hanzhong, covering an area of 208 sq km (80 sq mi). It used to be an important trading and military post in ancient China due to its strategic location, being at the junction of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces.

The ancient town has a long history and was first established during the middle period of Ming Dynasty (1465-1487) but kept on growing during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) and the Republic of China (1912-1949). Qingmuchuan Ancient Town prospered the most during the latter period, especially during the actual ruling of Weifutang, a local bully. He became the new ruler by killing the former and from then on, acquired many lands and opened many shops and factories in the town. Although he was uneducated, he built the free Furen Middle School, which is still in use to date.

This Ancient Town has many traditional blocks, old buildings, temples and ancestral halls. The historic sites are of different styles and well preserved. The following are some of the recommended sites:

Huilongchang Old Street

This is the main site of Qingmuchuan Ancient Town and was established during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) as a commercial center. During the Republic of China period, Wei took advantage of the town’s favorable location by planning and developing the street, making it in a unified style. These ancient buildings combined both Chinese and western elements and come with many strange designs. There are still more than 50 well-preserved buildings standing today along the old street, indicating the once prosperity enjoyed by this old town.

Top Scenic Spots in Huilongchang Old Street:

1. Tobacco House: It is a quadrangle dwelling located at the end of the old street, famous for its delicate carved doors and windows, and the wooden stilted houses.
2. Xianggongsuo (Office of Weifutang): It was the workplace of Weifutang, located in the middle of the old street. The building looks tall and magnificent, and styled in both Chinese and western designs.
3. Rongshengkui Entertainment Site: It is a land-boat shaped Chinese building, 3-storey high and carved with flowers. It was used by the owner, Weifutang’s oldest brother, as an entertainment centre for merchants.

Qingmuchuan Furen Middle School

This middle school was built on a hillside to the south of Huilongchang Old Street. It has three buildings including the gate, the auditorium and the dorm-office building. The gate looks like a penholder, which corresponds with the Penholder Mountain opposite the school. Under his ruling period, students could get free education and parents who didn’t send their children to the school would be punished.

Weifutang’s Residence

This is where Weifutang worked and lived. The residence is divided into the old and new, and are linked by a small door. The old residence is of classical Chinese style whilst the new one of western style. The bluestone corridor and delicate ornaments that lined the windows and doors show the wealth of Wei. The new residence has now become the office of forestry department.

How to get to Qingmuchuan Ancient Town

Route  Departure Time Fare  Travel Time
Hanzhong Long-distance Bus Station - Qingmuchuan Town  13:40  CNY 44.5  5~6 h

Ticket Fare: The old street is open free of charge; scenic sites costs CNY 60/person.
Open time: The town is open all day long and the sites inside opens from 08:30 to 17:30.
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