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Kanas Airport

Airport Code: KJI


Located on the southern edge of Kanas Scenic Area, about 50 kilometers (34 miles) from Kanas Lake, 74 kilometers (46 miles) from Burqin County.


Airlines Companies

China Express (G5), Joy Air (JR)


Kanas Airport Flights

From Frequency (weekly) Travel Time
Altay 1 on each day 35M
Fuyun 1 on each day 55M
Urumqi 1 on each day 1H25M
Turpan 1 on each day 1H20M
Karamay 2 on each day 1H20M
Bela 1 on each day 2H
Korala 1 on each day 1H20M

How to Travel between Kanas Airport and Kanas Nature Reserve 

There are shuttle buses running between the airport and Jiadengyu Scenic Area in Kanas Nature Reserve. It will cost CNY 70 for a single way, CNY 130 for a round trip, and take 1.5 hours.
Operating Time:
From Airport: half an hour after the flight arrives;
From Jiadengyu: 2.5 hours before the flights departure

Upon arrival at Jiadengyu, change to other shuttle buses operated within Kanas.
Route Ticket Price
Kanas Jiadengyu Scenic Area - Kanas Transfer Cente CNY 275(First Entry) / CNY 305 (Second Entry)
Kanas Transfer Center - Guanyutai CNY 120 (Round Trip)
Kanas Transfer Center - Baihaba Village CNY 124 (Round Trip)
Kanas Jiadengyu - Hemu Transfer Center CNY 280
Hemu Ticket Station - Hemu Transfer Center CNY 100

Top Places to Go in Kanas

Located in the middle section of Altai Mountains in Xinjiang, it is in the border of China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia. There are 55 scenic spots in the Kanas scenic area with a total area of 10,030 square kilometers.
 1: Guanyutai
Located in the Kanas scenic area, Guanyutai is built on a mountain top at an altitude of 2030 meters (2220 yards). The vertical drop from the lake is more than 600 meters (656 yards). It is the best place to observe the “lake monster”, hence the name of the Guanyutai. Guanyutai is the best in Kanas attractions because it offers a panoramic view of Kanas.
 2: Wolong Lake
The locals in Wolong Bay call it the pot bottom lake, which is named after the shape of the pot bottom. Wolong Bay is 10 kilometers (6 miles) away from Kanas. The scenic area is a great place for summer tourism thanks to its cool weather. The view platform has a wide view and the visitors can rest in the dense forest of the river valley, enjoy the scenery, go boating in the small lake and go fishing.
 3: Kanas Lake
Kanas Lake is known as the paradise on earth, there are several wonders of Kanas Lake. The first one is the Qianli Kumu long embankment. It is formed due to the driftwood in Kanas Lake which is blown by the strong valley wind and floated on the upstream of the lake. The second is giant "water monster" in the lake. Because the horses drinking water at the lake are often reflected in the water, adding a bit of mystery to Kanas. And the third is the wonder of the rain when the weather is fine - Kanas Cloud Buddha light. There also are other attractions in Kanas Lake, such as the Twin Lakes Cruise, Hemu Rafting and Hemu Ice and Snow Park.

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