Kuqa Qiuci Airport

Kuqa Airport Code: KCA

Location: Located in the juncture of Kuqa County, Xayar County and Toksu County of Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Kuqa Qiuci Airport has a distance of 10 kilometers (6 miles) to the city proper of Kuqa.

Terminal Building: Kuqa Airport only has one terminal building with one floor of an area of 5,100 square meters (6100 square yards). Passengers can check in at 6 counters and board at 2 gates.

Close Time to Check In: 30 minutes before the flights departure

Airlines of Kuqa Qiuci Airport

Air China (CA), China Southern Airlines (CZ), China Eastern Airlines (MU), China Express Airlines (G5) and Tianjin Airlines (GS) provide fights of Kuqa Airport.

Flights Schedule of Kuqa Airport

Nowadays, Kuqa Airport has operated direct flights to 7 domestic cities in total including Chengdu, Karamay, Korla, Urumqi, Xinyuan, Xi’an and Yining.
Destinations Frequency (weekly) Duration
Chengdu 3 on each Mon. Wed. & Fri.
1 on each Tue. Thu. & Sun.
3h 55 minutes ~ 20h
Karamay 1 on each Mon. Thu. Wed. Thu. Fri. & Sat. 2h 45 minutes ~ 14h 40 minutes
Korla 1 on each day 50 minutes
Urumqi 4 on each Mon. & Wed.
6 on each Tue. Thu. & Sun.
7 on each Fri. & Sat.
1h 5 minutes ~ 7h 35 minutes
Xinyuan 1 on each Tue. Thu. & Sat. 1h 15 minutes
Xi’an 2 on each Mon. & Wed.
4 on each Tue. & Thu.
3 on each Fri. & Sat.
1 on each Sun.
3h 15 minutes ~ 11h 15 minutes
Yining 1 on each day 50 minutes

How to Travel between Kuqa Airport and Downtown Kuqa

Airport Shuttle Bus: Kuqa Airport – Kuqa International Hotel

Kuqa Airport – Kuqa International Hotel Kuqa International Hotel – Kuqa Airport
Operating Hours According to the flight schedule 90 minutes before the flights departure
Main Stops 705 Coach Station – Yijia Supermarket – Long Distance Coach Station – Kuqa International Hotel
Duration About 35 minutes
Ticket Fare CNY 10/person


If you go by taxi, it takes about 20 minutes and costs CNY 25 to CNY 35.

Taxi Reference from Kuqa Airport

Destination Fare Duration
Kuqa Railway Station CNY 30 - 40 30 minutes
Qiuci Ancient Town CNY 15 - 25 20 minutes
Kuqa Mosque CNY 20 - 30 25 minutes
King Palace in Kuqa CNY 15 - 20 15 minutes
The Mystic Grand Canyon of the Tianshan Mountains CNY 140 - 160 1h 15 minutes
Kizil Thousand-Buddha Cave CNY 145 - 165 1h 50 minutes

How to Travel from Kuqa Airport to nearby cities

Take a taxi to Kuqa Coach Station which may cost about CNY 30 and take about 25 minutes. Then take the intercity bus to Urumqi, Aksu, Korla, Kashgar and more cities.

Airport Service and facilities of Kuqa Qiuci Airport

In the Departures Hall, there are café, shopping area, rest room. However, the café is not available to provide enough foods so you would better to take some foods with yourself.

In the isolation area, there is first class and business class lounge, VIP Lounge, Mother’s Lounge and shopping area.
- Last updated on Mar. 11, 2022 -
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