Wenzhou Nightlife

Wenzhou locals enjoy a vibrant nightlife, featuring many styles of bars and city attractions. Xialupu Residential Community and Wang Jiang Road comprise the bar district and are subsequently the most popular night-time venues. While the young and the young-at-heart take part in the bustling nightlife, older residents can often be found strolling through Century Square, Haitan Square and Xinghe Square. While some residents come to the squares to relax, others come to exercise under the multicolored lights. Local families often relax in the city's parks and wharfs where children can enjoy the musical fountains, amusement facilities. There are also a large number of fitness centers in the city which provide excellent service and facilities for visitors to work out as well as play ping-pong, badminton, and yoga. As you walk around the city, do not be surprised if you are drawn to Xin He Street or Wu Ma Street by the enticing aromas that waft from the night snack markets.

A visit to Wenzhou is not complete without a nighttime trip to the beautiful Oujiang River, which winds around the city. 'Marine Palace' operates a cruise begins at the An Lan Wharf and ends on the Wenzhou Bridge. This tour allows guests to witness the magnificent night scene of the river and the city. It also features nightly performances, dance halls and a variety of other entertainment.
An Lan Wharf
Address: East Wang Jiang Road
Hours: 18:30-23:30 (nightly)
Cruise Departure: 20:00, 21:00 (nightly)

The Wangjiang Lu Light Decoration Project and Jiangxinyu Island Light Show are two of the newest attractions here. They have become increasingly popular since their launch in October of 2006. As the sun begins to set, mansions along Wang Jiang Road become lit with an endless array of lamps on their roofs and sides. Colorful lights make the road seem mysterious and magical. Meanwhile, on Jiangxinyu IslanJune 26, 2008 the island's two pagodas. The show entertains spectators, creating a poetic and dreamy environment. The flowery lights dance to soothing music, telling beautiful legends and stories of the city.
Wangjianglu Light Project
Winter: 18:00-23:00 (nightly)
Summer: 19:00-23:00 (nightly)
Jiangxinyu Light Show
19:30 (weekends and festivals)

Wenzhou Bars
Blue Shell Expat Bar
No.13, Wen Di Road
Xialupu Residential Community

Bourbon Street Bar
2nd floor, Huanqiu Mansion
Middle Ren Min Road

Moulin Rouge Bar
4th floor, 'European City' Commercial Center (H)
Lucheng District

Wenzhou Amusement Centers
Pu Fa Amusement Corporation
2nd floor, Pu Fa Mansion
No.2, East Ren Min Road
Features: KTV (Karaoke TV), western food

Wu Ma Nightclub
Lane 29, Wu Ma Street
Lucheng District
Features: dancing hall, gyms, beauty salons, bars

Lai Fu Men Amusement City
No.36, Xin He Street
Features: tea, KTV

Sports Centers
Wenzhou Stadium
No.6, Min Hang Road (Aviation Road)

East Fitness Club
3rd floor, Wan Feng Square, Xin He Street
2nd floor, Tian Xiong Mansion, No.6 District
Xialupu Residential Community

Bysun Fitness Club
3rd floor, Oriental Mansion, South Fei Xia Road
6th -7th floor, Xian Hua Mansion (1), Xialupu Residential Community

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