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Wenzhou Facts

Chinese Name:  温州 (wēn zhōu)
Wenzhou lies in the southeastern coast of Zhejiang Province and is its economic and cultural center. For centuries, the inhabitants here have relied on shipping, trading and fishing for their livelihoods. Its location on the sea has also been crucial to international trades. Shoes and electrical appliances produced here are popular both at home and abroad. Its citizens are progressive and open to western ideas. Millions of merchants have emigrated and started businesses throughout the world. The city is therefore a famous hometown of overseas Chinese.
Population: 9,117,000
Area: 12,065 square kilometers (4,658 square miles)
Nationalities: Han
City Flower: Camellia
City Tree: Banyan
Administrative Division: 4 districts (Lucheng, Longwan, Ouhai, Dongtou); 5 counties (Yongjia, Pingyang, Cangnan, Wencheng, Taishun); 2 county-level cities (Rui'an, Leqing)

The city is easily accessible by plane, train and bus. Wenzhou Longwan International Airport hosts 40 airlines, operating many air routes to around 100 cities, including Hong Kong and Taipei. Jin Wen (Jinhua to Wenzhou) railways connect the city with Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou as well as other cities in Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Fujian provinces. Highways are also well developed with good service stations. Long distance buses serve neighboring counties and cities in Zhejiang Province as well as cities in Liaoning, Hebei, Shandong, Hunan, Sichuan, Jiangxi and other provinces in China.



The city means a mild and pleasant land. The city gets its name because of its mild climate without extremely cold winters or hot summers. It is an ideal place for vacation. Mountains, plains, islands, long rivers and broad seas coexist in the city.

Wenzhou Travel Tips

 Physical Features: The long coastline here gives rise to many beautiful islands and rich marine life. There are over 370 kinds of fish and over 430 kinds of seashells. It is also rich in mineral resources including alunite, granite and quartzite. The city sometimes claims to be 'World Alunite Capital' due to large deposits of this mineral. There are over 280 kinds of trees.

 Special Local Products: Local cuisine of this city features fresh seafood. Delicacies such as 'Fish Boiled with Three Kinds of Shreds', Garlic Seasoned Fishskin and other appetizers such as 'Tall Man' Wonton, 'Lamp' Cake and Fish Balls are all favorites renowned for their fresh taste, enticing aroma and beautiful presentation.

 Local Highlights: This is a modern city with many good hotels and restaurants catering for visitors. Various stores along commercial pedestrian streets provide a shopping paradise. Comfortable bars, dancing halls and amusement venues enrich the city's night life.

Recommended Tour Itinerary:
Hiking Tour: Information about hiking in Wenzhou for your reference

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Questions & Answers on Wenzhou Travel
Asked by Niraj kumar khemka from INDIA | Dec. 11, 2018 04:51Reply
I want to travel to wenzhou from delhi. Which will be the best and cheap route to this city?
Answers (2)
Answered by Elena from FRANCE | Dec. 12, 2018 23:50

Well, there is no direct flight between these two places. Thus it is suggested to take a flight to Shanghai first. After arriving, take the direct long-distance bus to the destination.
Answered by Niraj khemka from INDIA | Dec. 13, 2018 03:41

Thanks Elena
Asked by Joules from UK | Aug. 16, 2018 03:20Reply
I am travelling to Wenzhou soon and would like confirmation that line 1 of the new MTR has opened
As I need to travel to the airport from South high speed train station and I believe the line should now link the two. Anyone know if it is fully operational?
Answers (1)
Answered by Will from USA | Aug. 16, 2018 21:07

No. The news says that metro line 1 will start trial operation in this October.
Now, you can take bus lines 73/1 to the airport.
Asked by Ana Paula Maraschin from BRAZIL | Apr. 19, 2018 17:44Reply
I am moving to Wenzhou. I need information about international schools for children of 4 & 7.
Any help as contact names of the schools and location are welcome, thank you very much.I currently live in DongGuan
Answers (1)
Answered by Linda from CANADA | Apr. 19, 2018 22:04

I happen to know a Shanghai United International School, WZ Campus in 1 Middle Chuitai Rd, Ouhai District. You may have a look!
Asked by Al from CHINA | Dec. 18, 2017 01:47Reply
Anyone knows if there's an ice skating rink in Wenzhou
Ice skating, not roller skating
Answers (3)
Answered by John from SINGAPORE | Dec. 18, 2017 18:50

I happen to know a Feixiang Ice Skating Rink in 79 Xiaodou Street, Longwan District.
Answered by Al from CHINA | Dec. 18, 2017 19:48

Is it inside the mall or a separate construction? Thanks a bunch
Answered by John | Dec. 18, 2017 20:34

It’s inside a mall, Dajiale Shopping Mall.
Asked by Jabez from BERHANU | Sep. 14, 2017 03:21Reply
I will be traveling to Wenzhou soon. Are there any Protestant Christian Churches in the area?
Answers (1)
Answered by David from UNITED KINGDOM | Sep. 14, 2017 19:39

Yes, and I happen to know one, which is in 12 Nanlitian Street, Ouhai District.
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