Ningxia Area Code & Zip Code

City Area Code District / County Zip Code
Yinchuan  951 Xingqing District 750000
Xixia District 750000
Jingfeng District 750000
Yongning County 750100
Helan County 750200
Lingwu City 751400
Shizuishan  952 Dawukou District 753000
Huinong District 753600
Pingluo County 753400
Wuzhong  953 Litong District 751100
Hongsibu District 751100
Yanchi County 751500
Tongxin County 751300
Qingtongxia Coty 751600
Guyuan  954 Yuanzhou District 756000
Xiji County 756200
Longde County 756300
Jingyuan County 756400
Pengyang County 756500
Zhongwei 955 Shapotou District 755000
Zhongning County 755100
Haiyuan County 755200

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 Selected Questions and Answers:

 Asked by Mr.karamy(UK)
Is it very easy for me to find Islamic restaurants in Yinchuan? 

 Answered by Ms.Evelyn
A lot of Muslims live there. It's very easy to find Islamic food in the streets. You can try the local snacks, such as steamed lamb and Yangrou Paomo.

 Asked by Mr.Sheridon (Ireland)
I know Yinchuan is not a well-developed city, I think. Now I need to go shopping. But besides XHDS, are there any other supermarkets and shopping malls in the city? How can I get to the XHDS super shopping plaza?

 Answered by Mr.Lee
XHDS is the biggest shopping center in Yinchuan City. You can take the Bus No.22 or 29to get there. Besides, you can go to Baixing Shopping City by Bus No.23, 28, 38 or 40. Xinhua Street is a prosperous commercial street of Yinchuan. You can go there for shopping.

 Asked by Susie(United States)
Going to Lingwu in Ningxia, China this summer-what should I look forward to doing, seeing, eating... 

Answered by Lisa
In Lingwu, you can go to visit Shuidonggou Cultural Site, Yuanyang Lake and Ganlu Temple. Well, West Xia Imperial Tombs and Sha Potou are two famous attractions in Ningxia which is not too far from Lingwu. You may also go there to have a visit.

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Questions & Answers on Ningxia Area & Zip Code
Asked by Peter De Jesus from USA | Jul. 21, 2015 07:47Reply
Zip Code for Yinchuan City, Ningxia? Federal Express not accepting 750000
Answers (1)
Answered by Wendy from LIBYA | Jul. 21, 2015 22:05

The code for the city is 750000. Yinchuan is a large city. If it is not acceptable, you can give me some more detail address, and I will give you the right zip code.
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