Wadi Rum, Jordan

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Journey with us to Jordan for a unique holy land experience
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Jordan, a charming country located in Middle East, owns a marvelous collection of cultural and archaeological treasures
as well as amazing landscapes. Much covered by Arabian Desert, the historical sites and local special cultures of Jordan will tell you its old stories and unveil its mysteries. Plan a Jordan tour or a Middle East tour with Jordan to experience its magic.
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Private Jordan Tours

What are the Popular Destinations to Visit in Jordan?

In Jordan, you can visit the capital city Amman, rose-red old city Petra, amazing Dead Sea, beautiful Wadi Rum desert, ancient Roman ruins of Jerash, and "Mosaics city" - Madaba, which are all popular destinations for Jordan tours. If you have a longer vacation, you can continue to Aqaba to enjoy the beautiful harbor views. Usually four days to one week is enough for you to cover the highlights of Jordan.

When is the Best Time to Visit Jordan?

The best time to have tours of Jordan are March to May and September to November. It is sunshine most of the time. Due to the local low humidity, the temperature is bearable even in summer. The weather in Jordan is relatively stable, so the Jordan tour are doable all year round.
Have a jeep safari in the amazing desert of Wadi Rum

Is a Visa Required to Visit Jordan?

It depends on your nationality. Most nationalities are required with a tourist visa to visit Jordan. You can apply for visa in advance. The visa on arrival can also be obtained at Amman's Queen Alia International Airport and most international border crossings (except Allenby Bridge/King Hussein Bridge).

Which Airport Should I Arrive at or Leave from Jordan?

You are kindly suggested to reach and leave from Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) in Amman, the capital city of Jordan. It is the main airport in Jordan with major international flights. Inside the country, vehicle transfer is the dominating transport way between cities.

Are Credit Cards Accepted in Jordan?

Yes. Credit cards are mainly accepted at hotels, restaurants and larger shops, including American Express, Visa, Diners Club, and MasterCard. Jordanian currency in cash is preferable at small shops or restaurants.
Experience a horse riding in Siq Gorge
Enjoy floating in the Dead Sea

Do the Local People Speak English in Jordan?

No. Most local people speak Arabic, which is the national language of Jordan. Only in some urban areas, some Jordanians can speak English. For a journey there, it would be more convenient with the company of experienced English speaking drivers.

Can I Drink Alcohol in Jordan?

Yes. Drinking alcohol in Jordan is accepted as long as it is in a moderate way. Some restaurants will serve alcoholic beverages and there are bars available in Amman. While, there are also dry hotels in cities.