Beijing Hutong: South Gong and Drum Lane Pictures

South Gong and Drum Lane is 786 meters long and 8 meters wide, connecting Gulou East Street on its north and Di'anmen East Street on its south. This lane retains the architectural style and folk customs accumulated over 800 years. It preserves the complete street and lane in "fish sketch" of the Yuan Dynasty. The lane was called "Luogu Lane"  during the Ming Dynasty because it has the feature of gong or drum with the middle part raised higher than the two ends. In 1750, the lane was divided into South Gong and Drum Lane and North Gong and Drum Lane. Attraction Intro: South Gong and Drum Lane
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Questions & Answers on Beijing Hutong: South Gong and Drum Lane Pictures
Asked by Mr.Michael | Dec. 10, 2010 03:29Reply
Dear All, I am planning to visit Beijing in the end of this Dec, can anyone tell me if it is safe to visit great wall? I will be with my 2 kids, 9 & 11 years old, it will be great disappointment if they miss the great wall. and also, since I am traveling with 2 kids and my wife, can anyone advise where can I get a 2 room apartment near Tienanment squear? it will be great help if anyone can assist.
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Answered by Ms.Dora | Dec. 10, 2010 21:30

Yes, it is safe to visit the Great Wall of China( . In some sections like Badaling, Beijing( and Mutianyu, Beijing( , there are cables and pulleys etc for visitors' convenience. You may use them if the kids get tired. I'm afraid you wil not get an apartment in Beijing for a rather short time. how about Hotel Kapok, Beijing? it's close to Tiananmen square and there are courtrooms available.
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