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Built of earthen ramparts, the Wei Great Wall in Yulin is a part of the western Great Wall with a base of over 20 meters (22 yards) wide. While the wall of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) there was also built of earth, 6 meters (7 yards) wide and 3 meters (10 feet) high. Later, the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) also built sections in this place, but it built then were with bricks, mortar and stones. Meanwhile, the Ming Great Wall was also built with battlements, drains and high earth platforms for watching.
  • Tower of Ten-thousand Buddha in Yulin City, Shaanxi
  • The Paean Tower of Yulin City, Shaanxi
  • An arched brick built gate of the Great Wall in Yulin, Shaanxi
  • Throughout years of wind and rain, the Great Wall has been destroyed, but it still stand still on the border of Yulin City, Shaanxi
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Asked by Ms.Stella from SINGAPORE | Nov. 24, 2010 01:27Reply
How long is the great wall?
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Answered by Mr.Ethan | Nov. 24, 2010 03:17

China Great Wall measures about 8851.8km (about 5500 miles) long. The site tells me, haha~
See this page: Great Wall of China(
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