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Zhenbeitai (Pacify the North Tower), Yulin, Shaanxi

Located on the summit of the Red Mountain, Zhenbeitai Terrace is the historical testimony of the favorable peripheral environment between Mongolian people and Han people during the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644). Zhenbei Terrace is just what the name implies: holding the north in awe. It is the largest watch tower of the Ming Great Wall, from which you can see the beacon fires and the partly hidden and partly visible earthen ruins of the Wall. Attraction Intro: Zhenbeitai
  • Zhenbeitai (Pacify the North Tower), Yulin, Shaanxi
  • The Ming Great Wall near the Zhenbei Tarrace, Yulin City
  • Zhenbei Terrace, the No. 1 terrace of the Great Wall
  • Another aspect of Zhen Bei Tai Tower, Great Wall in Yulin.
  • A stone plaque set in the Ming Dynasty in the wall of Zhenbei Terrace
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Questions & Answers on Zhenbeitai Terrace Pictures
Asked by Mr.Patrick | Nov. 22, 2010 22:17Reply
Can someone provide a reputable source to find out how many people visit the great wall yearly?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Wilfrid | Nov. 23, 2010 02:01

I was told the it welcomes about 17,500 people every day when I was at Badaling.
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