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Nanjing Road is the landmark of Shanghai. This commercial street is always so crowded.

The Hong Kong Pop Star Andy Lau has a song named Chinese People. This is a patriotic song in praise of the 5,000 years of Chinese civilization, centuries-old history and the courage and industry. If you are not a Chinese, it' s very likely you just know they have yellow skin and black eyes but know nothing of their life, so it's hard for you to get a feel the song conveys. Here let's walk close to ordinary people of this country and see how their life really is. Detailed information about Chinese People.  
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  • Nanjing Road is the landmark of Shanghai. This commercial street is always so crowded.
  • In Xian, a lot of people go to watch the Torch Race for 2008 Beijing Olympics passionately. They held Chinese national flags, wore the T-shirts with the words 'I love you China' written on and cheered 'Go, go, go!'
  • In the early afternoon, three brothers are enjoying tea in the coutyard.
  • The Yangko (Yangge) Dance performance at the Spring Festival
  • The Chinese Fan Dance at the Spring Festival
  • Dragon Dance performer
  • The Drum Beating performance held on Xian Ancient City Wall
  • In the park, the senior citizens are talking about how to care their birds.
  • The senior citizens are exercising Tai Chi Quan (Taiji Boxing) in the morning.
  • The senior citizens are playing cards in the park.
  • In the park, this old gentleman is singing happily as playing the accordion.
  • Sometimes, playing mahjong is a rewarding pastime. These retired seniors are enjoying the pleasure that mahjong brings them on a Sunday afternoon.
  • The old man is exercising calligraphy with a watery big brush pen.
  • In Lanzhou, Gansu, Long Opera is very popular. It's an opera form originated from Gansu Province. Look! These Long Opera lovers are singing with enthusiasm.
  • Senior citizens playing the urheen in the park
  • Devout people are burning incense to worship Buddha in the temple.
  • In China, the open-air food markets like this one are often seen.
  • This is a market stall selling Chinese dates and many other local products.
  • In cities, you can see many peasant workers. They come here for seeking jobs or doing business. Their life is usually full of hardship. Look! This mid-aged man is selling baked sweet potato on the roadside. Probably, he is from countryside.
  • The old man is making coal balls in his coutyard.
  • The pedicab drivers are waiting for customers at the mouth of the lane, Beijing.
  • South China is very suitale for the growth of rice. This peasant is ploughing paddy field.
  • Harvest rice
  • In the countryside of Yangshuo, Guilin, these lovely school children are on the way home after school.
  • The children in cities have a better living enviorment. They can not only accepct good school education, but also have chances to get various trainings, such as playing the piano and learning ballet.
  • Silver decorated dressing of Miao girl
  • Bai people love white. Girls always wear white shirts and red waistcoats.
  • Wearing the bright ethical costumes, they are playing Mongolian horse-head fiddles for visitors.
  • The Yao women like coiling their long hair on the head and wearing big earrings.
  • Uigur girl has big eyes, a straight nose and long plaits. They are very good at dancing and singing.
  • Tibetan costume
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