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Dressing for the special local opera, Tianlong Village, Guizhou.

A twenty-minute drive from Anshun will take you to the Tun Bu village. It is a very old and peculiar Han Chinese settlement existing in the southwest part of China. Here women wear Ming dynasty costumes and the houses, typically featuring Ming architectural styles, are frozen in time. Attraction Intro: Tianlong Village
  • Dressing for the special local opera, Tianlong Village, Guizhou.
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Questions & Answers on Tianlong Village Pictures
Asked by Ms.yaj from UNITED STATES | Feb. 18, 2009 14:02Reply
are there maps and information in english once arrive there? how do we communicate with the locals there? how much does a bus ride cost, taxi too?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.James from CANADA | Mar. 14, 2009 03:42

Some things are in English but a basic understanding of Mandarin would be helpful. The maps are in English. The locals speak a little English as English is mandatory in Chinese high schools, so if you ask around enough, you'll find somebody who can speak both languages.
A bus ride is 1 yuan or about 15 cents American at the current exchange rate. A taxi ride starts at 2 yuan and it's not that expensive to travel far. A half and hour ride in a taxi is about 50 yuan or 10 American dollars.
Also, I should mention that it's about as safe or safer than any mid sized American city. The biggest problem is pickpocketing, but even that isn't frequent. The locals are mostly curious and friendly so you should have no problem getting help to find what you need.
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