Guizhou Pictures

Situated in the southwestern China, Guizhou is a melting pot with more than 10 minority nationalities. Detailed information about Guizhou Travel Guide

Anshun (37)

Anshun is located in the west of Guizhou Province. Tourists visit the city to see the local attractions of Huangguoshu Waterfall and Dragon Palace.

Kaili (58)

Lying in the southeastern area of the Province, Kaili is a living quarter of the Miao ethnic minority. So it is a nice place to learn the culture and life of the Miao people. The area also boasts its natural landscapes, karst landform and the ancient architecture.

Guiyang (19)

Guiyang, capital of Guizhou Province is located on the eastern side of the Yungui Plateau. Many attractions are to be found here, the Hongfeng Lake, Huaxi Park and an abundance of historical relics, such as the Jiaxiu Tower, Wenchang Pavilion and Qingyan Ancient Town.

Zhenyuan Town (10)

Zhenyuan Town is located in East Guizhou, administered by Qiandongnan Dong and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. It's an ancient town with a history of over 2,000 years, which endows it with many rich and generous cultural relics.

Duyun Streets & Libo River (7)

Being a city of bridges, visitors are obsessed by all kinds of bridges in Duyun City. There are about 100 ancient bridges in the city, named or nameless. Besides, the stone paved street in Guanghui Road in Duyun is worth visiting.

Ethnic Minority Groups (27)

Guizhou is a beautiful land of different ethnic groups. It is the home to Han, Miao, Dong, Yao, Shui, Buyi, and Tujia nationalities.The gorgeous folk arts and crafts, distinct buildings and colorful festival culture are the highlights of this province.

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