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One Taoist

Wudang Mountain, one of the holy land of Taoism, is famous for its Taijiquan, a unique style of Chinese Kung Fu. The grandiose ancient building complex in the mountain was listed on the World Heritage List in 1994. The palaces and temples are in a reasonable layout, showing the architectural achievements of the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Most buildings were constructed during the Period Yongle (1403 - 1424) of the Ming Dynasty. Attraction Intro: Shiyan - Wudang Mountain
  • One Taoist
  • Bird's eye view of ancient building complex in the Wudang Mountain
  • Visitors are ascending steps to the Gilt Bronze Hall
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Questions & Answers on Shiyan - Wudang Mountain Pictures
Asked by Ms.Susana | Mar. 29, 2011 02:19Reply
Hi, i would like to travel from Wuhan to Changsa, and later, from Changsa to Wuhan. Please advise on the best way to travel and the cost involved. Also state how long is the travel time. thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Ms.Tina | Mar. 29, 2011 04:41

Hi, many trains runs between wuhai and changsha. Please go to the Wuchang railway station to take a train. The cost is about 70--80 yuan for a soft seat and 50--60 yuan for a hard seat.
The duration is about 4 hours.
Asked by Mr. Marcelo from BRAZIL | Oct. 08, 2009 19:24Reply

I am intend to visit Hubey from Hong kong, how far is Hubey from Hong kong by air or train? what's the enviroment temperature on this month(October)? Many cabs drive talk english?

Thanks for your help,

Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Frankie | Oct. 08, 2009 23:15

You could take a flight from HK Airport to Wuhan Tianhe Airport, Hubei, which just takes about 2 hours. Currently, there is no direct train from HK to Wuhan. The city has successive rainfall recently but not cold since the temperature at daytine could keep around 20C. I don't think most taxi drivers in Hubei could speak English.
Asked by Mrs.Cecil from CANADA | Aug. 30, 2009 11:35Reply

I am going to travel from Wuhan to Wudangshan and my train is going to arrive to Shiyan train station at 5:58 in the morning. Could you tell me what time the first bus goes from train station to Wudangshan? Is the train station ticket office is going to be open at this early hour to buy train tickets in advance (for next day)?

Thank you in advance,
Answers (2)
Answered by Mr.Sandy | Sep. 01, 2009 21:25

Usually, the buses begain to run at 6am in the morning. You can get to Shiyang SOuth Bus Station near the railway station to take the buses. Or you can rent a car or taxi to Wudangshan. The van take take four people, about 15RMB per person. It can take you to the scenic area 40 minutes later. Bus is slower.
Answered by Mr.朱 from CHINA | Dec. 19, 2009 23:45

when you arrive wudongshan station you can take 6:00 am
in morning, and also you can buy ticks for next day! have a good travel.
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