Nanjing Massacre Pictures

A captivated Chinese soldier was taken as a life target for drilling by the Japanese soldiers.

The 13th December 1937 witnessed one of the worst atrocities in human history, where Japanese army massacred 300,000 innocent Chinese people in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. The massacre lasted 6 weeks. Under the guns of Japanese army, the city, known for its prosperity and peace, became a hell on earth. This atrocity left the darkest record in the civilization history. Attraction Intro: Nanjing Massacre
  • A captivated Chinese soldier was taken as a life target for drilling by the Japanese soldiers.
  • The Japanese soldiers used all the cruel methods from beheading, to shot, to burying alive and to burning. They even carried out killing competition.
  • It is hard to believe this Japanese soldier was a human being. With the head of a Chinese victim, he took this picture as a memory.
  • This Japanese soldier waved his knife toward a Chinese. The whole Japanese army was a beastly machine.
  • The Japanese soldiers shot the innocent citizens. A picture is more than a thousand words. These pictures recorded faithfully what the Japanese soldiers did despite the fact what their textbook tries to hide.
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Questions & Answers on Nanjing Massacre Pictures
Asked by Ms.Gemma from AUSTRALIA | Sep. 21, 2009 21:13Reply
Please could you let me know the fastest way to get from Nanjing to Hangzhou during the morning. Many thanks for your help.
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Sam | Sep. 21, 2009 22:35

The fastest way should be traveling by bus. At Zhongyangmen Bus Station, you could catch a bus at 06:20 to Hangzhou North Bus Station. The journey is about 4 hours and costs 120RMB. The next buses leave at 07:00, 07:20, 08:00, 08:20, 08:40, 09:00...
Asked by Mr.Mehta from INDIA | Sep. 03, 2009 13:53Reply
I am Mr.Mehta from India want to know while traelling in train from Shanghai to Nanjing from which Shanghai station & terminal i have to catch a train?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.James | Sep. 06, 2009 03:09

At Shanghai Railway Station. There are bullet trains. As to which platform to find the train, you can see the information on LED screen.
Asked by Ms.sking from SINGAPORE | May. 25, 2009 06:26Reply
I will be arriving at Nanjing Airport at 13:10. Would like to take catch the train leaving at 16:02 to Xi'an. Can someone kindly advise me how to get from the airport to the Railway Station (which station?) Will I be able to make it in time?
Thank you very much for your help.
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Shan | May. 31, 2009 22:10

Well, it is easy that the airport shuttle bus Line1 could take you to the Railway Station within 1 hour. Your train to Xi'an departs from Railway Station rightly. So, you could catch the train~
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