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Shaanxi Local Opera (Qinqiang) is a kind of opera popular in northwest China. It mainly uses slit drum made of date tree as musical instrument, so it is also called Bangzi Opera. It has joyous sound and sad sound; the former shows merry and glad emotion, the latter expresses miserable and sorrowful emotion. It originated from the folk dance in the Shaanxi and Gansu provinces in the Qin Dynasty, gradually developed in Xi'an, the ancient capital of Han and Tang Dynasties and it achieved its height during the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1735-1796) in the Qing Dynasty.
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Questions & Answers on Shaanxi Local Opera Pictures
Asked by Mr.Ana from USA | Nov. 17, 2009 12:20Reply
Hi... is the first week December to cold to visit Xi'an? There is a Hotel close to Terracota? Thanks so much,Ana
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Answered by Mr.ANDY2008 from CHINA | Nov. 18, 2009 18:34

The weather in Xi'an is as below.

I think that unless you want to spend 2 days on Terracotta, you do not have to live in a hotel there.
Any hotel is very convenient for tourists to visit Terracotta, for most of tourists go there by 306 bus which will take you no more than 40 minutes for single trip.
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