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Shaanxi Province is located in the very heart of China. Boasting a population of more than 36 million in an area of over 200,000 square kilometers (about 77,200 square miles), the province includes most of the middle stretch of the Yellow River. Detailed information about Shaanxi Travel Guide

Xian (3072)

Xian, as the imperial capital of 11 dynasties in China, is a heaven of archaeological wonders. It is home to the Terracotta Warriors, the famed life-sized guards of Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang and is the only city in China that still has its ancient city wall surrounding it.

Yan'an (23)

Situated in Northern part of the province on the Loess Plateau, Yan'an overlooks the middle reaches of the Yellow River, the cradle of Chinese Civilization.

Tongchuan (12)

Tongchuan is located in the center part of the province, about 70 kilometers (43 miles) from Xian City.

Xianyang (105)

Xianyang enjoys a long history. It was the capital of the Qin Dynasty, the royal domain and graveyard of emperors of the Han and Tang Dynasties. Many ancient mausoleums still remain here.

Baoji (20)

Baoji is the second largest city in Shaanxi after Xian. As the hometown of Yan Di and cradle of Zhou Dynasty and Qin Dynasty, it is rich in historical sites and scenic spots.

Hancheng (15)

Hancheng is a famous historical and cultural city in China. It is rich in cultural relics, such as Old Folk Residences of Dang Village, Sima Qian Temple, Confucius Temple, Great Wall of Wei State.

Yulin (16)

In ancient times, Yulin was one of strategic place for defending Mongolia tribe in the north border. Nowadays, it is well-known as "Kuwait of China" because it is abundant in resources of minerals and energy, especially coal, oil and gas.

Shangluo (10)

Shangluo is located in southeast of the province, in the mountainous region of Qinling Mountains. The famous scenic spots in the city have Danjiang River, Zhashui Cave, Jinsixia National Forest Park, Niubeiliang National Forest Park and Phoenix Town.

Hanzhong (20)

Hanzhong is situated in southwest of Shaanxi, the upper riches of Han River, to the south of Qinling Mountains and to the north of the Daba Mountains. The famous attractions in this area have Ancient Hantai, Ancient Plank Road, Wuhou Memorial Temple and Crested Ibis Nature Reserve.

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