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Statues of Medicine King's parents (Yaowang's parents)

Eighty kilometers north of Xi'an is Yaowangshan, a revered holy place where a great physician named Sun Si-Miao lived during the Tang Dynasty. He was a herbalist, who ever wrote several books about medicine that became very famous in China's history. Later, to memorize him, people called his mountain residence Yaowangshan. Yaowang means an expert of medicine. The mountain is serene and picturesque.
  • Statues of Medicine King's parents (Yaowang's parents)
  • The statue of the Child Bestowing Guan Yin in the Kui Xing Building on Yaowangshan, Tongchuan.
  • The statue of the medicine king-Sun Simiao on the Mt.Yaowangshan in Tongchuan.
  • The Medicine King's Temple on the Mt. Yaowangshan.
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Questions & Answers on Mt. Yaowangshan Pictures
Asked by Ms.SCOUT0115 from UNITED STATES | Nov. 01, 2009 18:28Reply

I will be arriving at Xi'an airport at 22:30, and airport shuttles are no longer operating. What is the best and safest way for me to get into the city? My hotel is Orient Hotel Xi'an on 390 Zhuque daji. Thank you!
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Answered by Mr.Sandy | Nov. 01, 2009 19:59

You can still take airport bus to bell Tower and you can see many taxis there after you get off the bus. Take one to the your hotel.
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