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Pristine Tholing Monastery is seated in a piece of highland on the south bank of Xiangquan River, among clay mounds of the river valley.

Located in the northwest corner of Zanda County, Tholing Temple is a noted monastery in Ngari, built by the prince of Guge Kingdom (10th to 17th Century) in early 11th Century. Tholing is Tibetan meaning 'flying in the sky and never falling'. Going through one thousand year's twists and turns, the monastery looks not as grand as it was, but still a charming building set in evening glow. Attraction Intro: Tholing Monastery
  • Pristine Tholing Monastery is seated in a piece of highland on the south bank of Xiangquan River, among clay mounds of the river valley.
  • The unique stupa in the Tholing Monastery
  • Tibetan people built these bizarre artworks to show their piety to their deities and the Buddhist teachings.
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Questions & Answers on Tholing Monastery Pictures
Asked by Mr.Katharina from GERMANY | Oct. 15, 2009 18:03Reply
Is it possible to take the train from Lhasa to Beijing all year round?
Im planning on going in the beginning of december 2009?
Will that be a problem with the wheather and climatical conditions?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Yeats from CN | Oct. 16, 2009 23:01

Generally speaking, the train between the two cities is available all year around. But you can not predict if there is any particular circumstances.
Asked by Mr.Foo from MALAYSIA | Oct. 13, 2009 08:53Reply
Greetings. I would like to take train from Chengdu to Lhasa. Is the train departs every day? Another question: is there any express bus that directly reach there from Chengdu. Do you think in this case, the ticket costs much higher than the train's? Your answers are well appreciated.
Answers (1)
Answered by Ms.Ordo from GERMANY | Oct. 14, 2009 02:51

The train sets off every two days from Chengdu. It is not so easy to buy the tickets. You may need to ask an agency for help.
BTW, I don't believe there is express bus between these two.
Asked by Mrs.adriana from CHINA | Aug. 12, 2009 12:04Reply
Hi Frank!!!!
i had call to them, but also they told me i need to do a group, cause they cant give the permit visa for one person.

I find some agencies, but they want to sell a package, about U$800,00, and dont incluid the tickets from Shanghai ( where i live).

What you think about this price for package to city tour, and hotel ( 3 stars), and permit visa...
thanks a lot for your atenttion
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Qi | Aug. 13, 2009 02:27

How many days and what places do the package offer? I find some info in this web for you to make a comparison:
You can also ask the tour agent to make a private tour of your self, as simple and including the permit.Can also make a inquiry if they can just handle a permit for you.
There must be travel agency that will do that for you without selling the package. Just need to pay for the processing of the permit. Good luck ~

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