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Tibet, an extraordinary travel destination in the world, is a land of spectacular landscapes, sacred relics, religious monasteries and hospitable people. From the splendid Potala in Lhasa to the mysterious Ruins of Guge Kingdom in Ali, travelers and pilgrims are trekking their way across this unique place. Detailed information about Tibet Travel Guide
Potala Palace was first built in 637 by the King Songtsen Gampo as a meditation resort. After half a century's expansion, the palace was constructed to be a grand building complex on the mountain slope, becoming the chief residence of Dalai Lama. It is the regime center of theocratic Buddhist Tibet, and now acts as a museum.

Barkhor Street is located in the center of Lhasa's old block where the original flavor of these Tibetan buildings and the local life style are well-preserved.

The splendid Jokhang Temple is located in the center of Lhasa City and has been the spirit center of pilgrims for a long time. This Buddhist temple was constructed in the middle of the 7th century by the great King-Songsten Gampo.
Measured about 8,844.43 meters (29,017 feet) high presently, Mt. Everest (Mt. Qomolangma) is the world’s highest mountain. With a year-round average temperature of -29 °C, it is reputed as "the Third Pole of the Earth”.

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Questions & Answers on Tibet Pictures
Asked by Timothy halim from INDONESIA | Mar. 07, 2014 09:34Reply
We would like to know it takes how many hours to get Namtso lake by car from four point Sheraton
Answers (2)
Answered by Helen from SINGAPORE | Mar. 08, 2014 22:00

Do you mean Four Point Sheraton in Shanghai? It is too far. You have to take train or flight from Shanghai to Lhasa first. It takes 2 days and 39 hours by train and 5 to 6 hours by flight. When you arrive in Lhasa, you should take regular bus to Dangxiong County. It takes around 4 hours. From Dangxiong to Namtso, you should hire a car. It takes around 30 minutes. Also you can hired a car from Lhasa to Namtso, it takes longer time and costs more money.
Answered by bob | Mar. 14, 2014 02:02

There is a four point sheraton in Lhasa.
Asked by Ms.ming from SINGAPORE | May. 20, 2009 07:51Reply
can anyone recommend any guesthouse to stay in lhasa or the surrounding area? i saw there is one in namtso lake,any one can advise how shall we place the booking? thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Qi from CHINA | Jun. 06, 2009 21:59

You can stay in Jinjiang Inn near the Portala in Lhasa. The guest houses in Namtso are not in the lakeside, as I know. They are in the town or near the military station there. To see the sunrise at the lake, you can think about simple tent. Good luck!
Asked by Mr.hanson from BRITAIN | Nov. 28, 2008 03:31Reply
I would like to Lhasa by train, is it possible for a foreigner to purchase a ticket in Beijing? Or, do I have to take part in a tour since I heard that no foreigner is allowed to enter into Tibet alone.
Answers (3)
Answered by Mr.Qi from CHINA | Nov. 28, 2008 23:50

You need a permit at first, Mr. Hanson. To apply for the permision, you should take copies of your visa and the main page of your passport, as well as your career certification. I have heard that diplomats and journalists are not allowed go. But I am not sure about this.
Answered by Mr.hanson | Dec. 02, 2008 02:51

Thank you Qi~ I'm going to take part in a tour group leaving from Beijing. That makes the process easier
Answered by Ms.Katie from BRITAIN | Jan. 21, 2009 17:17

This is a question for Mr Qi,
I am planning to get the train from Beijing to Lhasa and return by plane to Chengdu. I know I need a Tibetan Travel or entry permit, but all the websites say I need to buy a tour as well. To me this seems a way of selling a tour which I do not need as I am meeting a friend in Lhasa and we are returning to China together a few days later. Please, please is there an official way of buying the permit without a tour? Can I buy with the train ticket, or even at the PSB in Beijing? Thank you so much for your help. Duo xie xie ni. Katie.
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