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The earliest stone carving on the Ten-Thousand Buddhas Wall in Chakpori Hill dated back to the 7th Century.

The 3,725-meter Chakpori Hill (also called the Medicine King Hill) is just situated just to the right of the noted Potala Palace. Therefore, it is the best place to have a panorama and take photos of this holy palace. The Hill's highlight may be the Ten-Thousand Buddhas Wall where a number of vivid statues of Buddhas and gods are carved on the cliff. Attraction Intro: Chakpori Hill
  • The earliest stone carving on the Ten-Thousand Buddhas Wall in Chakpori Hill dated back to the 7th Century.
  • A close-up of Buddha, Chakpori Hill (Yaowangshan), Lhasa, Tibet
  • Chakpori Hill has become the representative of Tibetan stone carvings.
  • Some bright colors were painted when they were first made while others were painted for protection. Smoke from ghee lamps poses threat to murals in many monasteries in Tibet.
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Questions & Answers on Chakpori Hill Pictures
Asked by Mrs.Sari from USA | Apr. 05, 2009 23:04Reply
My daughter and I are going to do the same thing as Ms. Katie only in July. We would also appreciate a response from Mr. Qi Thank you for your time. Carol Sari

This is a question for Mr Qi,
I am planning to get the train from Beijing to Lhasa and return by plane to Chengdu. I know I need a Tibetan Travel or entry permit, but all the websites say I need to buy a tour as well. To me this seems a way of selling a tour which I do not need as I am meeting a friend in Lhasa and we are returning to China together a few days later. Please, please is there an official way of buying the permit without a tour? Can I buy with the train ticket, or even at the PSB in Beijing? Thank you so much for your help. Duo xie xie ni. Katie.
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Qi from CHINA | Jun. 09, 2009 05:00

Hi, Mrs Sari! Sorry for the delay. I think you do not have to buy a tour, and it is just a suggestion given on some websites. It is just because you should have to arrange the entry permit by yourselves and most people feel troublesome. You can entrust a reliable travel agency to handle the permit for you before going or you can do it by yourself. Offer you basic info, route, time, contact number, copy of the passport (first page) and visa to the travel agency or directly to Tibet's affair office in other cities in China. They will work it out in 2-3 days. Suggest you handle it as early as possible. You can ask help to your friend in Lhasa too. Hope it helps~
Asked by Mr.Vishnu from INDIA | Mar. 21, 2009 03:12Reply
I plan to visit Lhasa sometime around June, can anyone suggest from where I have to get a flight to there?
Answers (2)
Answered by Mr.Roger | Mar. 30, 2009 20:19

Currently, there are directly fligts to Lhasa from Chengdu (the most), Beijing (only one), Xi'an. If you come from India, I think you could transfer at Chengdu airport.
Answered by Ms.Quincy from USA | May. 11, 2009 18:03

Hello I would say that you should use the Chengdu airport like Mr.Roger replied. Enjoy your flight!
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