Chakpori Hill (Yao Wang Shan)

Chakpori Hill, Lhasa, Tibet
Chakpori Hill, Lhasa, Tibet
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Rising up beside Potala Palace, the spired peak of Chakpori Hill (Yao Wang Shan) is 3,725 meters (12,221 feet) high. Ascending the winding path to the top, one has the opportunity to view a panorama of the ancient city and its surrounding landscapes.

Quite a few figures of Buddha, gods in different poses, and Buddhist scripture in Tibetan characters are engraved on the cliff. There is an extremely well preserved grotto with a history of more than a thousand years on the southeast mountainside. The grotto is 27 square meters (32 square yards) and in the shape of unequal rectangle. There are 69 stone statues engraved on the rock, vivid and lifelike, which represent the soul of Tibetan stone inscription art. At the north foot of the Chakpori Hill is a spring. The fountain, pure and sweet, was named "Holy Water". It is said that the fountain was the favourite of the Dalai Lama half a century ago.

During the middle of 17th century, in the early Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911), a temple was erected on the top of the Chakpori Hill. Within this temple was placed a sapphire figure of a certain Tibetan Medicine King. Legend has it that the King was the avatar of Sakyamuni, who was able to treat patients no matter what the disease or how difficult the cure. During the period of the fifth Dalai Lama (1642-1682), lamas from all over the country were brought to this temple to systematically study and coordinate the knowledge of traditional Tibetan medicine. Later, the temple became the Tibetan Medicine Bureau, but over time it fell into ruin.

Chakpori Hill (Yao Wang Shan) is also the ideal location for taking photographs of Potala Palace. In the early morning of holidays or peak seasons, dense crowds of photographers and photography aficionados come to the Picture Spot to shoot a rare view of Potala Palace irradiated by the first rays of the sun.
Thousands of Buddha images
Chakpori Hill (Yao Wang Shan)
Chakpori Hill
Chakpori Hill, Lhasa
These days Chakpori Hill (Yao Wang Shan) has become one of the hot tourist destinations in Tibet. Every year, millions of visitors from both home and abroad will pay a visit for both sightseeing and historical interests.

How to get to Chakpori Hill

1. Take bus 8 to Yaowangshan Nongmao Shichang.
2. Take bus 13 or 24 to Yaowangshan Caishichang.
3. Take bus 2, 16, 25 or 26 to Qu Dianshitai and then walk south for several minutes to Chakpori Hill.
Entrance Fee Chakpori Hill is free of charge;
The Picture Spot: May - Oct.: CNY 2; Nov. - Apr.: Free
Opening Hours The Hill opens all day;
Picture Spot: May - Oct.: 6:30 - 22:00; Nov. - Apr.: 7:00 - 20:00
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Questions & Answers on Chakpori Hill (Yao Wang Shan)
Asked by Nica from USA | Apr. 20, 2015 16:12Reply
I'd like to visit Chakpori Hill (Yao Wang Shan).
How do I get to it from my hotel (Minshan Hotel in Lhasa)?
Answers (1)
Answered by David from USA | Apr. 20, 2015 20:25

It is around 1mi from your hotel. You can take a taxi to reach in 5-8min. If your time is flexible, just walk there in around 20min.
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