Namtso Lake

On Nov. 14, 2005, Namtso Lake in the Tibet Autonomous Region was selected as one of the five most beautiful lakes in China by Chinese National Geography magazine. Its touching beauty should not be missed by any visitors there. Its purity and solemnness are symbols of Qinghai-Tibet Platean. In Tibetan, Namtso means 'Heavenly Lake.' It is considered one of the three holy lakes in Tibet and famous for its high altitude of 4,720 meters (about 3 miles), vast area of 1,961 square kilometers (about 757 square miles) and beautiful scenery. 
Namtso Lake
Namtso Lake
Prayer flags, Heavenly Lake
Prayer flags, Heavenly Lake

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Being the second largest saltwater lake in China only after Qinghai Lake, Namtso is the biggest lake throughout Tibet. Meanwhile, it is the highest altitude saltwater lake in the world. The water here is a storybook crystal-clear blue. Clear skies join its surface in the distance, creating an integrated, scenic vista. Soul of every visitor who has ever been here seems to be cleansed by the pure water.

Five Islands in Namtso Lake

Namtso Lake maintains its levels from rainfall and melted snow flowing from high mountains. Five islands stand in the water area, among which the largest one is  Liangduo island. In addition another five bylands stretch into the water from different directions. Zhaxi byland is the largest in area of these five. A great many bizarre stone peaks can be found on this byland. Some of them are like trunks; some look like human beings; some resemble trees. Various kinds of vivid shapes can easily arouse your imagination. At the same time there are many quiet grottos which are masterpieces of nature. Some grottos are narrow and long like subways; some are full of stalactites; still, others are like louvers. Queer rocks, steep peaks, natural stone ladders and other landform wonders on Zhaxi byland present visitors a picture filled with mystery and enchantment.
Prayers along Heavenly Lake Prayers along Heavenly Lake

Best Time to Visit Namtso Lake

Summer is the best time to pay a visit here. Wild yaks, hares and other wild animals leisurely look for food along the expansive shores; countless migratory birds fly here to lay eggs and feed their young; sometimes lovely fishes jump out of the water, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine; sheep and cows herds are like flowing white blanks on the green grassland which can stretch as far as your eyes can see; the dulcet songs of Gauchos resound through the valleys. This time of the year Namtso Lake is full of life and activity. Therefore it is no wonder Tibetans take it  the symbol of goodliness and happiness. Really Heavenly Lake Namtso is a blessing from nature.

Zhaxi Temple

Besides the beautiful scenery, the place is also a famous sacred Buddhist site. There is a Zhaxi Temple in Zhaxi byland. In every Tibetan year of sheep, thousands of Buddhism adherents will come here to worship. As a rule, they will walk clockwise along the lake in order to receive the blessing of the gods.


The sea level is 1,100 meters (about 1,203 yards) higher than that of Lhasa, therefore please bring lots of water and don't over-exert yourself.

It takes about 5-6 hours to the lake from Lhasa, so you need to spend at least one and a half days to enjoy it. You are suggested to stay in the hostels nearby, which charges CNY 30 - 50 one night for a bed.

How to get to Namtso Lake

There are no direct buses to the lake. The best way is to rent a mini bus from Lhasa. The fare is around CNY 2,000, and you are suggested to share it with other visitors.

Entrance Fee May - Oct.: CNY 120
Nov. - next Apr.: CNY 60

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