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Photo Credit: Vu Thi/Ziol/Zelnik

Sky mirrored in the lake, the whole world becomes blue and it beautifies and purifies your heart.

Located at an elevation of 2,080 meters (6,800 feet), Sayram Lake covers an area of about 350 square kilometers (175 square miles). Lying in a basin surrounded by Tianshan Mountain, it is the largest alpine lake in Xinjiang. The water of the lake is very pure and clear. You can see flocks of ducks and swans frolicing on the water surface. Thus Sayram Lake is considered as a pearl of the Silk Road. Attraction Intro: Sayram Lake
  • Photo Credit: Vu Thi/Ziol/Zelnik<br /><br />Sky mirrored in the lake, the whole world becomes blue and it beautifies and purifies your heart.
  • Photo Credit: Mr. Lynn Hurst<br /><br />Herdsmen love deeply their lake, their pastures, and their horses.
  • Stand on the bank of the Sayram Lake and view the spectacular water and clouds.
  • Admire the clear water of the Sayram Lake that could clean your mind
  • Travelers are receiving the warm welcom from the local people.
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Questions & Answers on Sayram Lake Pictures
Asked by Mr.Azman Wahidudin from MALAYSIA | Mar. 30, 2010 21:18Reply
I'm from Malaysia. I would like to travel alone To XinJiang but need a tourguide. Plan to see the place for 2 weeks. Any advise how to go about.
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.KASHGAR from CHINA | May. 19, 2010 00:36

Hi Mr Azman ,welcome to the beautiful place,I am happy that you can come to enjoy Xinjiang where has full of colourful coulture and unique beauty.i think you can see the main touristic attractions there in 2 weeks ,if you wanna see more local scenic beauty, travel to north part,(I mean geograficaly the province was devided into two parts by Tian shan mountain in the middle ,north part and south part)where you can see the nomadic Kazaks ,beauty of kanas lake,if you wanna see more coultural beauty, travel to south ,ancient cities in the silkroad like Turpan,Kucha ,Kashgar ,Yarkent ,Hotan city , all of them amaizing,if you wanna travel both parts two week of time is enough ,for more specific INFO contact me again
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