Responsible Travel Policy

Ratified by National Tourism Administration, TravelChinaGuide Tours is a qualified tour operator to run the business mainly for overseas tourists travelling in China and other Asian countries.

As a leading online tour operator, TravelChinaGuide Tours always strives for success and innovation. Relying on rich professional experience, leading network technology, and the advanced people-oriented managing concept, it is devoted to creating the best electronic commerce platform for tourists. We offer global as well as business travelers not only comprehensive information on China tourism but also tour, air ticket and train ticket booking service. And in the future we will press ahead with the development of more new services. Our corporate culture is Trust, Appreciation, Cooperation and Share. Our mission is to provide an exceptional experience to every person who travels with us.
Economic responsibility
TravelChinaGuide Tours stretched its benevolent arms to the Children's Village in Dongzhou Village of Sanyuan County, Xianyang, Shaanxi Province several times during the past 10 years. Every time, a weeklong fundraising and material-gathering activity was launched by the company and all the staff of the company eagerly showed their love for these children by donating much money, food, commodities, stationery and clothes.

For people in need, our donation and support may be just a drop in the ocean and is an utterly inadequate amount. However, TravelChinaGuide Tours is taking a long-term care and concern for the needy, offering them as much help in whatever way it can. For instance, in the wake of the earthquake in Wenchuan, China in 2008, the company had pledged a donation for disaster relief efforts. Also we hired handicapped people for our part-time editors.

The company always promotes a sense of humanity and generates more ways to help the disadvantaged, linking business development and society needs. We hope our charitable behavior is akin to the sunshine that pours down its warmth on the whole world.
Environmental responsibility
TravelChinaGuide Tours believes that reducing our environmental impact is its corporate responsibility. We have developed our own tour network management system. Our staff and our local partners all use the system to check tour programs and exchange messages, so we are able to achieve a paper-free operation. For the files that have to be printed out, we print on both sides of the papers to make sure the minimum use of papers.

We do not have any animal or nature scenery harm activities. Tour guides are required to let clients be aware of the ecosystems of the places that they are going to visit and act appropriately. We realize that environmentally responsible behavior could contribute a lot to our long-term company success.
Social responsibility
In different cities, we have local family visits in our tour products. We especially have chosen typical local families to host this activity in which travelers can see the true living standard of the Chinese people. Some of the hosts are retired, so they are happy for visitors from different countries to come to their homes. And also the family could have an income for receiving travelers.

We also arrange some heritage activities related to local culture, such as tea plantation in Hangzhou, minority village visits in Guangxi, Guizhou and etc. And when travelers are involved in such cultural visits, they will receive guidelines of appropriate behaviors from their local tour guides. We will continue with our commitment on culture protection and explore more representative local projects to introduce to our world-wide customers.