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Getting Around

 By Subway
Chengdu Planned to built 10 subway lines around the city which would make the subway transport easily accessible to the city’s major distribution centers. Currently, only subway Line 1 and the first phase of subway line 2 are in operation, while line 3, line 4, and line 5 are under construction. Passengers can take line 1 from Shenxian Lake to Century City via North Railway Station, Tianfu Square, Sichuan Gymnasium, South Railway Station, Ocean Park and other places in the city. The first phase of line 2 can take travelers to Chadianzi Bus Station, People’s Park, Chunxi Road, East Railway Station, Chengdu Institute of Public Administration and other areas.

 By Taxi
Chengdu has created hundreds of new taxi stands in its streets. The stands are approximately 79 feet (2 meters) high, with a green ginkgo leaf shaped board on a blue Y-shaped support. The signs are written in both Chinese and English.

The taxi fare is CNY8 (or CNY9 for SAGITAR taxi) for the first 2 kilometers and CNY1.9 per succeeding kilometer from 6:00 to 23:00. At night from 23:00 to 6:00 next morning, the taxi fee is CNY9/CNY10 for the first 2 kilometers and CNY 2.2 per succeeding kilometer. If the journey is over 10 kilometers but less than 60 kilometers, 50% no-occupancy surcharge of the total fee should be paid. CNY1.9 (or CNY2.2 at night) will be charged for every 5-minute waiting time, which will be accumulated when the taxi speed is under 12km/hr.
Bus in Chengdu Taxis in Chengdu

By City-Bus
Chengdu's public bus services extend in all directions. You can get to most of places, especially sights inside the city, by bus. Common public buses charge CNY 1, while those with air-conditioners charge CNY 2. Take small change as there are no conductors on many of the buses.

 By Sight-seeing Bus
The newly-operated sight-seeing buses No.901 and No.902 are really good choices for touring the city. The routes cover most of the famous attractions of the city and are considered convenient by most visitors.

No.901 double-decker roofless sight-seeing bus departs every 30 minutes.
First Stop: New South Gate Tourist Distributing Center; operating hours: 8:30 - 18:00
Last Stop: Jinsha Site; operating hours: 9:45 - 18:30
Ticket Price: RMB10 allowing five admissions per day or RMB3 for only one boarding.
Route: New South Gate Tourist Distributing Center - Renming Road - Wuhou Memorial Temple - Qingyang Temple - Songxian Bridge - Thatched Cottage of Du Fu - Qingyang Avenue - Jinsha Site

No.902 sight-seeing bus departs every 15 minutes.
First Stop: New South Gate Tourist Distributing Center; operating hours: 8:00 - 16:30
Last Stop: Panda Breeding and Research Center; operating hours: 9:30 - 18:00
Ticket Price: RMB2
Route: New South Gate Tourist Distributing Center - Yuefu Street - Caoshi Street - Wenshu Workshop - Jiefang Road - East Erxian - Bridge Road - Chenghua Avenue - Longtan Temple - Panda Breeding and Research Center

The stewards on the sight-seeing buses will introduce the passing attractions in both Chinese and English. In addition, there are multimedia systems of mobile TV sets, film players, isochronous broadcasters with four foreign languages of English, French, Korean and Japanese, etc. to facilitate foreigners.

By Pedicab
Gathering within the First Ring Road, especially in the city center, the pedicab has been a typical feature of the city. Drivers wear uniforms with identifying cards. The charge starts from CNY 5. You can bargain.

Despite traffic considerations, Chengdu welcomes private cars. Car rental is an option if you did not join a package tour.

Price: CNY 650 a day for a 12-seat microbus
CNY 1,000 a day for a 7-seat jeep
CNY 700 a day for a common car

And also you can employ a driver, about CNY 50 one person per day (8 hours).