Siem Reap Weather in December


Season: Dry Season

Siem Reap weather in December is cool with low rainfall. It is the most comfortable time of the year. The average temperature hovers between 22-29℃ (72-84℉) and the precipitation just accumulates to around 11mm because it seldom rains. The humidity is relatively low, at about 65%. 

With pleasant weather, Siem Reap welcomes a large number of visitors exploring the world’s largest religious building, the Angkor Wat complex. The sight may be crammed with tourists; also travel costs in December also increase a lot. 


Averages for Siem Reap Weather in December

Temperature: 25°C / 77°F
High Temperature: 29°C / 84°F
Low Temperature: 22°C / 72°F
Humidity: 65%
Rainfall: 11 mm
Rainy Days: 1 day
Sunrise: 06:12 ~ 06:27
Sunset: 17:35 ~ 17:48

Clothes to Wear in Siem Reap in December

The clothes to prepare should be light and breathable. There is no need to prepare thick clothes. In the daytime, there is no problem wearing short sleeve shirts. Long sleeve shirts, thin knit wears and jeans are needed in cool mornings, at nights or when the weather is not good.    
Siem Reap Clothes in December December Wear in Siem Reap

Top Things to Do in Siem Reap in December

Recommendation Rate of Travel: 

Angkor Wat is always the main draw of Siem Reap. Standing high, it offers stunning sunrise and sunset views but the crowds are also big. There, Bayon Temple featuring hundreds of huge smiling faces carved into the stone towers is your must-visit stop. Another highlight, Ta Prohm, where Tomb Raider was once filmed, boasts root-ravaged walls, and it is like a temple built in a large root system and towering trees. There are so many other mysterious sites waiting for your exploration in Angkor Wat. Besides regular ways of visiting by bike, tuk-tuk, or car, it is also possible to view the world’s wonder by helicopter and balloon, which is very impressive.   


1. It is advised to protect your skin from strong UV rays by applying sunscreen frequently. 
2. If you want to enjoy the sunrise view over Angor Wat, get up early and the temple opens at 5:00 am.
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