How to Buy Train Tickets in Mongolia

How to buy a train ticket in Mongolia? Some people prefer to book through a travel agency and some others prefer to purchase at the train station.

Option 1: Buy Ticket through an Agency

The Mongolia domestic tickets can be released 30 days in advance before the train departure date, and Trans Siberia trains can be released 60 days in advance. Booking with an agency can guarantee the availability. Especially for the Trans-Siberia trains to China in eastbound and to Moscow in westbound, the demand has far outstripped supply during the travel high season between early May and November. Thus, an earlier booking is the most basic thing for a travel plan.

We offer the train tickets booking service in Mongolia for both domestic trains and Trans-Siberia train. Our advantages are:
1) Easy booking procedure: Our website is easy to use, we list the most popular train routes for search. Visitors can find the preferred train and then follow the instructions step by step, and our professional English-Speaking booking consultants will offer excellent service for all guests.
2) Pre-booking to guarantee the availability. The Mongolia domestic train tickets and the Trans-Siberia tickets can be booked 30 -60 days in advance. An advanced booking is must for travelers who have definite schedules.
3) Secure payment methods: We accept payment by Paypal, credit card, Wechat, Alipay and bank transfer. We promise to keep privacy of every client. 
4) E ticket for domestic journey. We can offer e tickets for some domestic trains, passengers do not need to collect paper ticket but only show e ticket copy to board on the train.
5) Door to door delivery service. For Trans-Siberia trains, only paper tickets are accepted, we will book the tickets in advance, issue the tickets in due time and then deliver the tickets to your hotel before your check in date.
6) One-on-one English service and efficient after-sale support. Our professional English-speaking consults will deal with each passenger’s booking and they are responsible for the whole booking process from the very beginning to the end of the trip. 

Option 2: Buy Tickets at Train Station

Passengers can buy tickets at the train station. This is suitable for those who have plenty of time and flexible trip arrangements. If there is no ticket left on the preferred travel date, then the ticket can be acceptable for ones either the day before or the day after. If passengers prefer a scheduled departure, then definitely choose the option 1 above.
Moreover, foreign credit card is not acceptable at the train station, but only local cash currency.
In Ulaanbaatar train station, the domestic tickets are sold at the first floor of station, and the international tickets are sold on the second floor of the building next to the station.

Option 3: Buy Tickets from the Official Website

The official website is in Mongolian, if passengers want to buy ticket on it, then it’s better to find someone who knows the local language for help. Moreover, the schedules are seldom updated, and the international train schedules are not listed, all international tickets to China or to Russian are pre-booked by agencies before open to public.
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