The Trans-Mongolia Railway was first built in 1947, extending to Ulaanbaatar from the north in 1950, and running through the Chinese border in 1955. From Ulaanbaatar, the railway line from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing is 1001 kilometers (622 miles), and 6265 kilometers (3893 miles) to Moscow. It is an important part of international intermodal trunk line connecting Mongolia, China and Russia. Taking this line, passengers can enjoy the different features of three countries and the most splendid scenery along the way.
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  • Armand
    Posted on July 19, 2020
    We took a long time to plan this trip between Beijing to Ulaanbaatar and then to Moscow, we booked all tickets with your company and you never disappointed us. Our tickets were at the hotel front desk and berths were what we exactly required. We prepared some snacks on the train as you suggested. A high five for all of you!!
      Posted on July 19, 2020
      Thank you for your help with my tickets to Beijing in last October. We enjoyed the train trip. You got one upper and one lower berth for us, which was really good. Thank you for making our once in a lifetime trip so enjoyable that we would cherish forever.
        Posted on July 19, 2020
        We appreciate your help with the ticket booking from Ulan Bator to Moscow. The tickets were waiting us at the hotel when we checked in. We arrived at the Beijing railway station two hours before departure as you suggested. The facilities on the train were not as good as those on China high speed trains, but still acceptable. The sceneries along the way was attractive. What I have to mention is that we really could not get used of Russian food on the train.
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