Ulaanbaatar – Beijing Trains

Ulaanbaatar-Beijing Train Route2 pairs of trains are running on the route between Ulaanbaatar and Beijing. It is train 4 and 24 from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing, and K3 and K23 for the return trip. This route is one of the most popular routes on the whole Trans-Siberia railway network. 

Basic Information: 

Train: K3/4, K23/ 24 
Running distance: 1553 kilometers (695 miles)
Dfuration: about 31 hours 
Stations along the way: Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator), Zamyn-Uud, Erlian, Zhurihe, Jining South, Shlingzi West, Beijing. 
Zamyn-Uud and Erlian are two border cities. 


Ulaanbaatar to Beijing Train Schedule 

(Last Update on July 31, 2020)
Train: 4/ 24 Stations Arrival Departure
Day 1 Ulaanbaatar --- 07:30
Choir 11:20 11:35
Sainshand 14:47 15:20
Zamyn uud 18:50 20:35
Day 2 Erlian 21:00 02:00 +1
Zhurihe 04:07 04:09
Jining South 06:37 06:55
Shalingzi West 11:09 11:15
Beijing 14:35 ---


Beijing to Ulaanbaatar Train Schedule 

(Last Update on July 31, 2020)
Train: K3/ K23 Stations Arrival Departure
Day 1 Beijing --- 00:27
Shalingzi West 10:40 10:50
Jining South 15:27 15:43
Zhurihe 18:03 18:05
Erlian 20:18 00:59 +1
Day 2 Zamyn uud 01:25 02:40
Sainshand 06:15 06:50
Choir 10:13 10:30
Ulaanbaatar 14:35 ---


Price on train Ulaanbaatar - Beijing

(Last Update on July 31, 2020)
Route Train No. Deluxe Soft Sleeper Soft sleeper Hard sleeper 
Ulaanbaatar - Beijing 4 USD260 / USD180
24 USD245 / USD170
Beijing - Ulaanbaatar K3 USD296 USD273 USD190
K23 USD299 USD273 USD190
1. The prices above are for reference only.  
2. There is no soft sleeper on train 4/ 3. 024/ 023 are available twice a week, operated by China Beijing Railway Corporation and Mongolia Railway Corporation respectively, there is no soft sleeper on Mongolia trains. 
3. Chinese visa should be valid at the time when the train enters China. 

Train 4/ K3

This route was open on June 4, 1959, the whole journey is between Beijing and Moscow passing through Mongolia, one of the important connections is Ulaanbaatar. The whole distance for the train is 7819 kilometers, it is the longest passenger train in China. And Ulaanbaatar – Beijing section is only 1553 kilometers (695 miles). Some passengers take the whole journey but some others choose to take a break or a tour at Ulaanbaatar. 
This train is available once a week, K3 leaves from Beijing on every Wednesday and will arrive Ulaanbaatar on Thursday. Train 4 leaves Ulaanbaatar on every Sunday and arrives Beijing on Monday. 

Train 24/ K23

The K23/24 train, known as the 23/24 train in Mongolia, is an international intermodal express train jointly operated by China Railway Corporation and Mongolia railway Company. The whole journey is from Beijing, the capital of the People's Republic of China, to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. This route was firstly operated on July 2, 1985, and is the first international intermodal train between China and Mongolia. The trains on this route span four 
provinces and cities including East Gobi province, Gobi Sumubel province, Central province and Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, while they also span four cities and provinces in China, including Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia. To meet the different wheel gauge of two countries, the train stop at Erlian for about 3 hours to change wheels. 
This pair of trains are available twice a week, one is operated by China Railways and another is Mongolia Railways. Train K23 leaves Beijing on every Tuesday and Saturday, and train 24 leaves Ulaanbaatar on every Thursday and Friday. The departure date for this pair of trains change in different seasons. Sometimes according to the reservation, one more train in summer and one less train in off seasons. 

- Last updated on Jul. 30, 2020 -
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