Ulaanbaatar – Moscow Trains

Ulaanbaatar-Moscow Train RouteBeing the two big stops along the Trans-Siberia route, Ulaanbaatar and Moscow are all popular tourist destinations. 2 pairs of trains run through Ulaanbaatar - Moscow route all year round. The whole journey of train 3/4 is between Beijing in China and Moscow in Russian, it has a stop in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. While the train 5/6 is running between Ulaanbaatar and Moscow. 
Between Ulaanbaatar and Moscow, the whole journey is 6,266 kilometers (3,894 miles) at the duration of 98-100 hours. The main stations are Zuunkharaa, Darkhan, Sukhbaatar, Naushki, Ulan-ude, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Nowosibirsk, Omsk, Tjumen, Ekaterinburg, Perm, Kirov and Vladimir. Sukhbaatar in Mongolia side and Naushki in Russian are the border cities of the two countries. 


Ulaanbaatar to Moscow Train Schedule

(Last Update on July 31, 2020)
Train No. Departure Arrival Duration Departure
3 15:22 13:58 +4 99.5h Thursday
5 15:22 13:58 +4 99.5h Friday


Moscow to Ulaanbaatar Train Timetable

(Last Update on July 21, 2020)
Train No. Departure Arrival Duration Departure
4 23:55 06:45 +5 97h50m Tuesday
6 23:55 06:45 +5 97h50m Wednesday
Note: All times are local time. And the schedule is for reference only 


Ticket Price of Train of Ulaanbaatar – Moscow

(Last Update on July 21, 2020)
1st Class Soft Sleeper 2nd Class Hard Sleeper 
USD425 USD280


The Best Season to Visit

The trains running on this route are available all year round, but the peak season is from May to September, the weather is warm and the daytime is long during this period. But the views in winter is irreplaceable by comparing with that of other places. The trains are under great demand during summer time when the grassland is very prosperous and luxuriant, and the Nadam Festival in July brings the whole reservation to a climax. If this route is in your bucket list, then do book the tickets with an agency earlier. 


The Important Stops along the Way 

Irkutsk – It is flattered “The heart of Siberia”, one of the most attractive site is the Lake Baikal. The train runs along the lake for about four hours, but sometimes the lake is blocked by trees and houses. Lake Baikal is surrounded by forests and high mountains, and you can sit by the window to appreciate the beautiful views. Someone other may choose to stop in Irkutsk for two or three days. If so, the tickets can be purchased in sections. 
Ekaterinburg – It is the third largest cities of Russia, it is named after Empress Catherine I and it is famous for its location on the Eurasian boundary. The train will stop here for 20-30 minutes, passengers can get off from the train to stretch bodies and replenish some necessities in the shops.  
Perm -- The history of Perm began in 1586. It is the largest city to the east of the Ural River in Russia. The train will stop here for about 20 minutes. 


The Arrival Station in Moscow 

There are 8 trains stations in Moscow, the international trains will leave from or stop at Yaroslavsky Railway Station, which is the biggest trains in the city. 

- Last updated on Mar. 19, 2023 -
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